00 after working girl gave birth to a baby girl weighing 4 pounds to borrow money to go home at age luonv

00 after working girl gave birth to a baby girl weighing 4 pounds to go home to borrow money at home on the morning of, Xiao Ling to the medical staff to borrow a cell phone, call the child’s father – her boyfriend. According to Xiao Ling, boyfriend 30 years old, Yangzhou County, Baoying, he sent me to the hospital, went home to borrow money to go." Xiao Ling said her boyfriend on the phone said 12 o’clock to the hospital, but it did not appear until the medical staff after the alarm, the boyfriend arrived in the hospital in the evening. It is understood that Xiao Ling was born in 2000, only 16 years old this year, with his boyfriend, a difference of 14 years old. Originally, Xiao Ling after graduating from junior high school in Yangzhou to work, after being introduced to meet with her boyfriend, after a few months to live together. After pregnancy, I think this is a life, has not been willing to get rid of. My boyfriend and I can not afford to raise this child, she wanted to give, so let her have a way out." Xiao Ling said experts pointed out that the girl is under 18 years of age, the body and mind are not mature, the heart is still a child, can not bear the responsibility of the mother, the role of a good mother. (source: Modern Express)相关的主题文章: