2 year old baby eat more than and 20 ginkgo back color gray stiff xiansang Ming viper12a

2 year old baby eat more than and 20 ginkgo back color gray stiff xiansang Ming original title: 2 year old baby to eat more than and 20 grains of Ginkgo xiansang Ming doctor: try to give the children to eat   according to the Anhui daily news the day before, a couple of Yingshang County hold 2 and a half years old when the son rushed into the children’s Hospital of Anhui province. The emergency room, the child has eyes turned on, pale, his hands clenched, stiff limbs. The children ate more than and 20 grains of ginkgo ginkgo tree from the grandmother picked up. According to the child’s mother, the child’s grandmother from the village of ginkgo tree ginkgo back picked up some of its own processing, also took the children to eat, one to eat more than and 20, then, the children face changed. After struggling to save the doctor, the child finally recovered. According to reports, this is not the first time admitted to hospital and the children eat ginkgo poisoning. At the beginning of this year, from Jinzhai County in 1 at the age of 7 months baby by picking up food drop ginkgo tree ginkgo convulsions, limb tremors and other symptoms was rushed to the hospital, after hemoperfusion treatment was gradually clear. Also known as ginkgo ginkgo fruit, ginkgo seed, nutrient rich, high tonic, but eating more will cause poisoning, severe dyspnea, pulmonary edema, coma, respiratory paralysis and even death. It is understood that the raw ginkgo 5 to 10 grains will cause poisoning, more than 10 grains may be fatal. According to the deputy director of the Department of Nephrology, children’s Hospital of Anhui province Xu Daliang introduction, contains the toxin to germ of ginkgo nuts in green is the most poisonous toxin, in thermal degradation. He suggested that, in order to avoid poisoning in ginkgo food should go to seed coat, germ, cooked before consumption, and not excessive, especially the body extremely weak people and children under the age of 5 is not recommended to eat ginkgo. Source: Anhui daily editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: