Guo Jingming, director of the poster was released as the release of the party as the music critics – 1926年属相�

The poster director Guo Jingming denounced the issuer with signature is LETV bully – Entertainment Sohu "grand track" director signature is erased, Guo Jingming micro-blog "rights"   Sohu entertainment news (Harbin maiwen) August 29th morning, Guo Jingming micro-blog "rights", the reason is the music as the motion picture Department issued without his consent, without authorization will be sent to the national cinema "grand track" movie poster titles below the "director Guo Jingming works" entirely erased, this is his signature right infringement and great respect for him. "I call you to ask why, you explained to weaken the Guo Jingming film label, there are a lot of people hate me, so it will affect the box office. I heard the explanation is very sad, I really really hate is a lot of people, many people hear the word "Guo Jingming" will sniff at, but in any case, is also the grand track two years of effort, a struggle to work hard all through the night. Maybe I did not shoot well enough, maybe my director level is limited, but in any case, this can not erase the fact that I am the director of the film as a reason, I have the right to sign on the movie poster. I have the right to tell people that this is my film. The poster has been in the courtyard line of large area spreading display, I looked at my name was so rudely erased, I think it is very unfair, very bully." After micro-blog issued, there are a lot of friends to support Guo Jingming message rights". There are very few users that may be due to the poor quality of the film, or a speculation. User comments   Guo Jingming after the film, was a lot of people in the industry as a very understanding of the market, understand their audience director. "Small time" series of marketing by his hand to participate in the production of posters to the poster, the choice of time, and so on, by his own control. Later Han Han when the director shot "" never ever meet again in an interview, talked about contrast with Guo Jingming, he revealed to the team of people praised Guo Jingming in marketing is indeed very powerful, it is worth learning. Guo Jingming’s music as TV   Guo Jingming early in "the times" had and film music as cooperation. Then the relationship between the two sides more closely, in addition to the television series "-", the new film "grand track" series, Guo Jingming also became a music TV spokesperson. There are a lot of music as film directing, star shareholders   in fact, it had to bind the interests behind. In May this year, LETV announcement, intends to issue 165 million shares to shareholders LETV pictures 41.37 yuan shares, cash payment of 2 billion 979 million yuan, the total price of 9 billion 800 million yuan, the acquisition of 100% stake LETV pictures. Guo Jingming’s film music as a natural person shareholder, shares trading on the price of the amount of 58 million 560 thousand yuan in the star shareholders after directing, music studios signing director Zhang Yimou.相关的主题文章: