Central China Normal University Fan Bingbing accident for security reasons to give 10 minutes (video 2828创业网

Huazhong Normal University: Fan Bingbing unexpected safety concerns for 10 minutes in October 24, 2016, Hubei Wuhan, the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" was held in Huazhong Normal University in advance viewing and "comedy humor challenge" seminar. Feng Xiaogang, Fang Fang, Liu Zhenyun, and Fan Bingbing. In October 24, 2016 Fan Bingbing came to Huazhong Normal University music hall in Feng Xiaogang "comedy humor challenge" seminar activities described the situation as follows: Feng Xiaogang "comedy humor challenge" seminar held by McIlroy film, cat pictures, Feng Xiaogang studio, Ananda Beijing point media services. The School Committee received the organizers of the application, welcomed the culture into the campus, Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun, Fang Fang and other popular cultural celebrities in the campus exchange. It was agreed that only assist in organizing the Youth League Committee of the Huazhong Normal University student audience, by the organizers responsible for other matters. Organizers made it clear that Fan Bingbing is not involved in the event. In view of this, the event as a campus cultural activities, not large-scale mass activities, there is no report to the public security organs. October 24th 18, the activities carried out as scheduled, Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun, Fang Fang attended the seminar. The host also shows that Fan Bingbing will not be present, inside and outside the game order, ordered the enthusiasm of the audience. 20:50, in the course of the seminar, Fan Bingbing unexpectedly appeared at the seminar site. In order to prevent runaway scene, considering that Fan Bingbing himself, the guests and the safety of teachers and students, the security department and the school staff to maintain order at the scene, and asked the organizers to shorten Fan Bingbing stay. 10 minutes later Fan Bingbing left the scene. 21:10 or so, the whole event to complete the original plan agenda, all guests and spectators orderly departure. Huazhong Normal University has always attached importance to the construction of campus culture. After the incident, our school attaches great importance to welcome the famous celebrities reiterated into the campus to carry out academic activities, no consistent position any involvement in commercial activities, and ensure the safe and quiet campus environment, elegant, to ensure that the majority of the students can feel at ease reading and learning. Huazhong Normal University News Center October 25, 2016 [related video] Fan Bingbing’s new film was forced to leave the truth in the end how?相关的主题文章: