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Russian expert: China warheads over thousand when necessary to attack the target – Military Channel starting from Sohu to build nuclear weapons, China military political leadership that is used to send ballistic missile nuclear weapons is the most effective and reliable means. Missile weapons are the most powerful means of containment against China’s nuclear program. China Second Artillery Corps received a new name — Chinese rocket in the people’s Liberation Army in December 31, 2015, and the status is also improved, the transition from independent arm independent services. Chinese experts pointed out that this change reflects its defense system to occupy the most important position in order to curb the potential enemies of aggression against China, clearly pointed out that the United States, including. Strategic, operational, and tactical tactical missile systems are still part of the rockets. At the political level, the rocket is designed to deter potential adversaries from using weapons of mass destruction or precision guided conventional warheads to launch a massive attack on china. At the military level, the main task of the Rockets is to be in the face of aggression, the joint strategic nuclear forces of the sea and long-range aviation forces, the use of nuclear weapons or conventional precision guided weapons against enemy targets. The army also plays an important role in missile early warning system, continuous monitoring of near earth space, destroy enemy spacecraft and ballistic missiles, space reconnaissance, security information and communication network, multilayer switching control, directional information, system and computer system operation. The process of command system and combat readiness level Chinese defense system in the reform has a significant change in military command system, including the army, the rocket. The Rockets are directly under the command of the Central Military commission. Therefore, by reducing the unnecessary link in the vertical command to reduce the Central Military Commission issued an order to convey the time. Previously, through special channels of communication to the general staff of the Department of command to command, and now can be directly conveyed to the Rockets in the. It should be stressed that, in addition to wartime command, the Central Military Commission also ordered directly control rocket army combat readiness level. The specific target, the coordinates, the missile launching time of each unit and the launching interval can be specified directly. Obviously the rocket army combat readiness level and not because of military reform changes, is still three. The three is the level of combat readiness to carry out daily activities, the implementation of training, training and learning mode on a daily basis. The Central Military Commission for potential enemies may implement nuclear or conventional precision weapons attack information Defcon two. At this point the ballistic missile is ready to launch. The ground mobile missile system, command system and maintenance system should be ready to move to the launch site area, prepared underground bunkers to deploy. The highest level of combat readiness rocket forces for combat readiness. China Central Military Commission issued a war command, should deploy missile unit, and well received instructions at any time for launch. After the launch, the information of the mobile launcher and its maintenance system is dispersed and awaiting the results of the attack. The application of the concept of China’s military political leadership believes that China, as a big country in the modern world, should have a trinity of nuclear power, supplemented by conventional precision guided weapons. In quantity and quality, there should be a certain amount of fighting相关的主题文章: