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A popular campus enchanting love basketball Love Jazz (Figure) and a group of girls on the map: Zhang Zhenwei (left five) show enchanting sunshine boys dancing under the stage, the stage of the enchanting dancer. Yesterday evening, in Wuhan, China Institute of the new party on the stage of the school, a boy and eight girls together in the music in dance, especially the boys enchanting action drew cheers, boys so unique dance become the campus reds. Enchanting dance popular boy named Zhang Zhenwei, is the school of civil 1155 sophomore. He told AFP reporters, a freshman to join the school dance clubs started to dance. There are four different styles of hip-hop dance, Zhang Zhenwei chose the jazz, but the rest also choose to learn the Jazz are girls, boys on his one. "A little bit stupid, but I think this dance." Zhang Zhenwei said with a smile, I did not expect to learn to learn to become addicted. In the beginning, Zhang Zhenwei’s flexibility when dancing is not good, in order to shape good practice, he finished the school basketball team after the end of the day training, will be alone with headphones in the dance room with the rhythm of the dance. Zhang Zhenwei said, because I often play basketball, the body is relatively hard, a lot of bending, twisting shoulder movements at all do not come, in order to attend the orientation program performance, during the summer vacation until now he has been practicing the dance rehearsal, dozens of times, successful performance on the stage attracted applause, he felt their efforts finally affirmed. (reporter Zhou Zhitao correspondent Zhang Wen) the enchanting traffic wardens street dance command相关的主题文章: