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Fitness-Equipment Victor Conte remains a person who is very outspoken on the issues of drugs in sports. He has put forth his opinions on steroids and other performance enhancing related items. Mostly, he would discuss such things as they related to bodybuilding. Recently, he has shared his opinion on the subject of boxing. Specifically, he has looked at how the controversial practice of blood doping’ has be.e an issue in the sport of the sweet science. Before looking towards the opinions of Victor Conte and blood doping, it is important to clearly define what exactly blood doping is and what it entails. Specifically, blood doping happens to be the practice of boosting the amount of red blood cells solely for the purpose of enhancing athletic performance. When the number of red blood cells is increased, the ability for the athlete to experience increased and enhanced endurance is a result. Unfortunately, the process also .es with health risks which is why so many are concerned about its practice. In a recent interview, Victor Conte mentioned that even though many professional athletic associations test for the presence of drugs that promote blood doping, the possibility of blocking the results is possible. That is because there are masking and detoxification agents that can eliminate the presence of blood doping in the system. As a result, an athlete that is tested for such drugs will turn up clean even though he really is not. Victor Conte has pointed out that there are stages in which blood doping occurs and the drugs can be out of the system within a relatively short period of time. In the sport of boxing, Victor Conte has noted that there is a 19 hour phase in which EPO (Erythropoietin – a blood doping agent) will exit the body. Once it is gone, it is gone and the tests will not show its presence in the bloodstream. This can be enormously problematic for those regulating agencies that wish to test athletes. After all, the athletes will test "clean" even though they have been using an illegal supplement. Victor Conte has pointed out that there are several stages in which a boxer needs to take EPO injections in order to get the most out of it. As a result, the boxer may have higher levels of EPO in the system. This could lead to the test turning up a positive result and the boxer being caught for using an illicit performing enhancement agent. Victor Conte has pointed out that boxers and their trainers are knowledgeable in terms of what they can and cannot get away with when it .es to using blood doping drugs. Some will get away without being detected as a result. There will be others, however, that will get "busted" and pay the consequences of such results. Time will tell regarding how many boxers use such performance enhancing drugs as blood doping remains relatively new in this sport. The insights of Victor Conte and how they relate to blood doping in sports are certainly worth examining. He has been around many sports for a long time. As such, his insights and opinions are quite revealing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: