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Software Wouldn’t it be nice if you could impose strict controls on how people used your PDF ebooks? There is a strong case for PDF digital rights management by ebook publishers. Electronic publishing is a great avenue for disseminating information but it’s prone to abuse. Failure to institute PDF ebook security exposes your ebooks to misuse. When people freely misuse your ebooks you will not get the financial rewards you expected from your hard work. In fact, many aspiring writers have opted out of electronic publishing because they don’t see any prospect of making money from it. What are some of the ways in which people will misuse your ebooks if you don’t have adequate PDF ebook security? The most prevalent problem for ebook publishers is unauthorized downloading and sharing of ebooks. Unless you intend to freely share your ebooks with readers, you need to put in place PDF ebook security measures that’ll prevent people from freely downloading and sharing your ebooks. Ideally, persons interested in your ebook should purchase a copy from your website, after which they can download it to their .puters. The problem however is that people have a tendency of sharing copies of legally purchased ebooks with their friends. Again, there is nothing you can do to stop people from copying PDF files. Nevertheless, you can now use PDF digital rights management software to render your ebooks impossible to copy and share. This measure will stop people from sharing your ebooks at your expense. Another .mon form of ebook piracy is where people print entire ebooks, and then bind and sell them without the knowledge or permission of the publisher. Again, there is nothing authors can do to stop people from printing their PDF ebooks – unless they put in place PDF digital rights management software that’ll prevent printing of ebooks. Upon placing this restriction on your ebooks, users won’t be able to print and you will have therefore managed to retain control over your books. Piracy should not deter budding publishers from chasing their dreams – not with the types of PDF digital rights management software available today. With the PDF ebook security available, you can stop people from copying and printing your books. You can even set a time period after which an ebook ‘expires’ and the user has to obtain a key from you to open it. This is indeed an effective PDF ebook security technique that’ll thwart attempts to misuse your ebooks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: