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UnCategorized There are 3 steps to make money online and work from home. None of these steps require that you sell or promote anything. This is not affiliate marketing, paid surveys, adsense or adwords or any of the things many marketers tell you, you need to do. The 3 steps to making money online are quite simple. The steps are motivation, belief, and staying focused. .bine all three of these and you will make money. It is a lot harder than it sounds. Staying Focused When you are working from home on the internet it is so easy to get distracted from the actual business of making money. There are people trying to get your attention at every turn. Everyone has some earth shattering information that they are going to try to convince you that you absolutely need to make money on the internet. Those so called Internet gurus are some of the best salespeople. They have some of the top copy writers that know exactly how to grab you and convince you that you need what it is they are selling in order to make money online. Especially now with the Web 2.0, social networking is huge on the Internet right now. You start getting involved in these social sites and before you know it you are off in a totally different direction than when you started. Do not believe that all those people are really making the kinds of money they are claiming. If they were truly as wealthy as they claim, do you think that they would be hanging around on the internet everyday trying to get you to buy from them? Stay focused on what you are doing and disregards all the noise .ing in. Find a mentor you can trust and follow them. There are many people that will help you out for free. Do not buy those big launch programs promising you dollars falling from the sky. Believe In Yourself Trust me when I say that many people are going to try and dissuade you from making a full time living off the Internet. You have to constantly tell yourself if you stay the course you will succeed. Unlike a normal job, you will not have a boss or co-worker telling you how well you are doing. Until people start to follow you around and start listening to what you are saying, you are the only one who can gauge your progress. Perhaps when you start to make money online you will start believing in ability as an online entrepreneur. Until you can see that you are reaching your goals, whether it is monetary or personal, believe that you are growing toward your goal. Your belief in yourself is going to carry you when there is little to stand on. You will eventually hit your target as long as you believe you will. Stay Motivated When you first start out to make money online, find what is motivating you to do so. Are you looking for financial freedom? Are you trying to bring in extra in.e to take your family on vacation? Are you looking to supplement your in.e or be a stay at home mom? Find deep in yourself your true reason for wanting to make money online. This will keep you motivated. I started to make money online because I had lost a job due to downsizing and need to replace my in.e. In a climate of many jobs moving out of our area the Internet seemed like the perfect place to make money. I was fortunate to be able to replace my in.e. But as time went on circumstances changed and I found new ways to be motivated to make money online. I found I needed to make more money so I had to grow into other areas of Internet businesses. Once you hit one goal raise the bar and you will grow financially and personally. The sky is the limit on the Internet. This is why the heading is 3 steps to make money online. Without these core steps it is almost a guarantee for failure. You need to possess all 3 steps to succeed in an Internet in.e. Stay the course with these 3 steps and you will achieve your goals to make money online and work from home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: