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Business In recent years GPS market with a high speed roller coaster development and ultimately has experienced decline. At the same time, special car GPS navigation, DVD player in the quality of time opening, expanding distribution of universal expansion and its impact. Navigation on the market on board, whether it is GPS DVD players, GPS navigators and other top models of GPS navigation DVD player, their marketing power, quickly penetrated into the minds of consumers through multiple channels . There is no doubt the biggest feature of specialized GPS DVD is that the design and development for a particular model of car. There is no dividing line in the installation and supports plug & play functions on the page, no fault of the original car. Guidelines for the rapid development of special-car navigation system can be summarized in two words: an "original", the raw material for the original car, only the original design of the car. In other words, "before" that the modernization and reform, can expand the functions of the original car. And with increased consumer demand, the special car GPS DVD player will be the future trends of development. Currently, the .mon name for the special navigation player is the catcher. "Navigation and multimedia all-in-one machine of popular names, we know, widespread Car GPS navigation has be.e a standard configuration of the Car DVD Player The car navigation that is. Fashion. So far we only see car navigation products to a .plete car, like BMW, Benz, Audi, etc. at the present time, many private car owners can also experience joy estimated that bring special car DVD player with it. In addition to general navigation features GPS, DVD player this car more personal. It is faster with an electronic dog, mobile access introduced, changed the form of intelligent systems, CMMB mobile DTV, tire pressure monitoring system and so on. It’s actually more like vehicle mounted .puter. How will the analysis of the opinion that intellengce the future direction of buy gps navigator. So if Special featuers personalized navigation system with DVD player is the reason that love the private car owners. It is intellengce is the basis of .petitiveness. Regardless of how to change the pattern, but can bring a new experience for consumers, is a top priority. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: