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Traffic-Building Twitter has be.e a major phenomenon on the Internet. Not only are marketers and Internet savvy people using it, but you are seeing it in the mainstream media. Twitter has been spoken about on major news channels, and even mentioned in the major magazines of America. So, if you’re not using twitter for your marketing efforts, you are seriously lagging behind. Twitter is a fantastic way to drive traffic, sales, and most importantly build relationships. So, if you’re not using twitter in your marketing efforts you really need to start now. Here are a couple simple steps you can use to start using twitter in your marketing efforts. 1. Get a Twitter Account Well, that might sound simple, but how many people out there do not have a twitter account? There are people that will think about using twitter all day long, but will never actually go out and get a twitter account. So, you need to go and sign up for twitter right now if you have not done it. I give you permission to stop reading this article and go do it. As long as you .e back that is. 2. Join the Conversation Once you have your twitter account you need to jump in and start joining the conversation. In order to do that you need to start following people. So, all you need to do is go out and find people with like-minded interests, and then follow them. Once you start following other people people will start following you. And once you get this interaction going you will need to start joining the conversation. Joining the conversation is as easy as just saying hi. And more importantly, you want to make sure you respond to other peoples tweets. Let them know you are interested in them, and then they will be interested in you. 3. You Can Market on Twitter You can market your products and services on Twitter, but you do not want to spam the platform. It is not made for you to just put out links all day long every day. Not only will people not click on your links, but they will unfollow you and you will lose whatever Twitter power you have. So, it is essential that you find a balance between .municating with people in marketing your products and services. I find that people do appreciate it when you share with them what you do, but they do not like to be spammed. So, if you can just join the conversation and not spam them, it will go a long way to help you marketing your products and services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: