The Pug Ready To Face The World-姉summer

UnCategorized The face of the Pug is arguably this dogs most noticeable feature. The flat face has prompted such jokes as to note that the dog has been chasing parked cars. Theres no doubt that the wrinkles add a dimension of character, but these little dogs have tons of personality. The Pugs origins are up for debate. Several countries claim responsibility and theres no clear consensus on what breeds were used to .e up with this unique dog. There are some who believe the Pekingese are direct ancestors. Looking at the face of the Pug, its easy to believe this could be true. There are also some who believe that the Mastiff was used to create the Pug. The dog may have originated somewhere in the Far East, or may have been taken there by traders. Regardless, theres little doubt that the breed was established many centuries ago and that he has held a place beside his people for all those years. Over the centuries, many nobles have adopted the Pug into their homes and lives. There are stories of some nobles who kept Pugs as their official dogs and at least one instance in which a Pugs incessant barking alerted the castle to the approach of the enemy. Pugs are very smart and eager to learn new things a trait that typically stays with these dogs throughout their lives. This makes them a favorite of performers because the dogs are generally willing to take on the task of learning new tricks. And theres the unf.ettable scene in Men in Black in which Tommy Lee Jones has the discussion with the Pug who is actually an alien in disguise. The shortened face means that these dogs have shortened nasal passages. They are prone to colds and other illnesses. Their activities may be somewhat limited because they dont always breath properly. This isnt usually a serious problem and these dogs love to romp and play. Its up to the owner to limit play if wheezing begins to signal breathing problems. These dogs are usually fawn colored, often with dark black ears and noses. They may also have some additional dark markings. These dogs have straight legs more so than many breeds. The result is a very distinctive walk often described as jaunty. These dogs have incredible eyes. The eyes are dark and seem to be conveying messages all the time. The fact that they also have wrinkled foreheads adds to the effect. The Pug loves a new game and seems to often want to play. As a rule, these dogs would rather play and romp with their owners than to go out for a walk. Most weigh in at something less than 20 pounds, making them great for apartment life. Another important point to remember is that the Pug doesnt handle either hot or cold weather well. Hes definitely an indoor dog unless you have a reasonable climate year around. These little dogs are the epitome of loyalty, though they are sometimes rather possessive of all their belongings territory, toys and people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: