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Finance David Cameron, the prime minister of Britain has told the House of Commons that he is going to launch a parliamentary inquiry into the Libor scandal rate of interest scandal. He made this kind of an announcement after the Serious Fraud Office made another announcement that it is going to come out with a decision in a time span of 4 weeks so as to whether charges should be levied against the banks who are currently facing wrath as far as as fixing the rate of Libor is concerned. He gave a statement in the House of Commons the other day that conducting a parliamentary inquiry is very important. This is going to act immediate, be accountable and get to the truth quickly so this never happens again." it was such a step that had to be taken or the results later on would not be good for the economy of the country that was already facing a lot of trouble from all the sides. He further added that when this inquiry starts then it should have all over access to all kinds of special advisers, ministers as well as important documents from the present coalition government as well as the former Labor government. He had to say that the people of the country today want to see two things. They want that the bankers who have done wrong with them should be punished in a proper manner as well as whether the people on the higher level are going to learn some serious lesson from what has happened in the sector of banking. The Serious Fraud Office is having a look whether these banks be levied with criminal charges against them or not for what they have done. Apply for low interest credit aids at text loan lenders @ and get quick funds for your urgent requirements. He further had to say that he wants the government along with other people on high levels to make an establishment of a full parliamentary inquiry and that too in both the houses which will be chaired by the Treasury Select Committee. This inquiry is going to have a complete access to the needed ministers as well as important papers which will also include the advisers as well as the minister from the last government as well. This inquiry is going to have an access to everything that it is going to need so that it can do its job in the best manner. This is only going to be the right approach to work if results are needed. About the Author: Jacob Lender is an expert financial adviser. He writes articles on text loans @ & instant text loans @ for more visit site: – Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Finance 相关的主题文章: