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Fashion-Style Adidas is all set to be.e a major player with its acquisition of Reebok. The .pany founded in 1948 in Germany and it has grown into a giant sports apparels .pany after almost nine decades of unmatched business. With superb quality, advanced technology and way-to-go designs, the shoe brand has done really well in the market, given that there are just too many .petitors to beat the game in own favour. There are many celebrities and sports icons who have endorsed Adidas with pride. The latest inclusion on the list is the American actress and singer, Selena Gomez. The Adidas Neo label has just announced her as their style icon on a global platform. The .pany gladly adds that there are now more reasons for Selenators, the Selena Gomez fans, to celebrate and be rejoiced. Definitely, this is a right pitch from the .pany in the direction of taking its youthful and sporty image beyond the present popularity scale. On the occasion of the announcement, Selena Gomez performed for Adidas Neo with a bunch of teens. Selena Gomez would stand as a guest designer for the brand till by a contract that expired in 2015. Selenas great fashion sense and flair for style would indeed prove to be worthy to the .pany wants her to collaborate with the designer team and .e up with cool designs. The initiative would begin by Fall/Winter 2013, which means the Adidas fans as well as Selenators would have a specially brought sports shoes line within a year. The brand is all set to promote the sponsorship with Selena Gomez appearing in various Adidas campaigns, be it retail or the outdoor or the digital or the print one, in due time. This would be one of the first occasions of its kind when the world popular singer and style icon would speak her mind about her favourite choices. Adidas banks on the charm and confidence of the young celebrity and hopes that this endorsement shall bring more fortunes for the .pany once the products designed in Selenas supervision reach the youth. This can be seen as a challenge to the rival sports shoes .pany PUMA which has been well known for stylish range of footwear and draws a tight spot with Adidas most of the times. It is, however, not just stylish shoes that Selena is going to help the brand design. She has also outlined some winter collections in which a yellow sweater is said to be her most loved apparel. The product would be launched somewhere in March 2013 and given that Selena herself wore it to a meeting with Adidas, the sweater once launched in the market is expected to go out of stock sooner or later. Adidas is all ready to start the .ing year with the right enthusiasm. Lets see what better things the brand brings. With the history of remarkable and fashionable shoes and sports apparels, the new launch would certainly be a thumbs-up from the brand fans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: