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Real-Estate If youre searching for your dream home in Glassell Park, attending open houses can be a great opportunity to explore the property and determining if a home and neighborhoodis right for you. Homes in Glassell Park , a mostly hillside neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles, close to Highland Park and Mt. Washington, have be.e highly desirable by homebuyers. The neighborhood is typified by both older mid-century homes as well as new architecture. No two homes are alike and the homes and streets are filled with character. Attending an open house can be a powerful method of obtaining information on a potential dream house. With the help of your Glassell Park real estate agent, you will be given an opportunity to envision yourself making the property home. Be sure to bring all your questions and prepare your real estate agent with your housing preferences to make the most diligent decision after attending the open house. Here are some rules about open houses that will ensure that you respect the property, the agent, and the time and effort spent at the house. For the first rule, attempt to park on the street. The driveway is a piece of the property and should be left strictly for the owner of the house. There is no need to ring the doorbell or knock if you are attending an open house. Just remember to wipe your feet before entering to reduce leaving your footprints around the house. Leaving your mark will not improve your chances of winning the territory. Even if no one is currently living there, remember that the home belongs to someone else. Refrain from touching their possessions and opening drawers, unless you are asked to do so specifically. It is generally kind to ask permission to take pictures and to use the restroom. Keep negative .ments about the house to yourself until you vacate the property. The agent and the seller are working hard to sell the home and appreciate the respect of kind words from potential buyers. If you have enough negative .ments, you should probably look elsewhere for a house. The selling agent is there to provide you with the best experience possible. That being said, they are trying to give everyone a high-quality experience so please be respectful of their time and process. If he or she does not greet you upon arrival, call out to them; they may be assisting another potential buyer. Some agents have registers at the front for marketing purposes, be sure to fill out the required contact information so they receive credit for their job. If you have questions about the house, read over the information sheets, which can be found in the fly box inside or outside the house. If you still have outstanding questions ask the realtor, but be mindful to not take up too much of his or her time. The agent will take you on a tour of the house, this is the best time to ask any questions and learn about the home. Do not attend an open house without your agent, unless they give you permission to do so. Doing anything without consulting your agent may result in more work for them or loss in money. Your real estate agents job is to negotiate the best deal possible for you. The agent representing the seller is trying to give him or her the best deal and without your agent present they can easily construct a deal which benefits the seller significantly more than it does you. The more information your agent has, the more capable they will be in making your dream .e true. Do not hesitate to ask your agent to attend an open house with you. It is their job to be available and assist you on your journey of find a home. With their help at an open house, they will be able to see any issues with the property that the sellers agent may fail to remember. If they are unable to attend, let them know which open house you want to visit so they can set up an arrival time with the sellers agent. This way the sellers agent knows you are rightly represented and not an easy target for a swift deal. An effective way to protect yourself is to sign a buyers agency agreement with your agent. This will legalize the relationship with your agent and prevent you from working with a forceful listing agent who doesnt want to sign the agreement. It is re.mended to use your agent as necessary to help with any confusing paperwork and difficult steps in the process of purchasing a Glassell Park home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: