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Become tenements celebrities? Beijing Xicheng District will launch a new network in Beijing to vacate the protection – the former residence of Tan Sitong. Shangguan photo Beijing, Beijing, September 27, (Shangguan) recently, the former residence of Tan Sitong and a number of celebrities in the dilapidated situation through media reports, has aroused the concern of all parties. How to protect these because of historical reasons become decrepit relics? The day before, the director of the Beijing city Xicheng District Committee Sun Jinsong told Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) interview with reporters in Xicheng District said: "12th Five-Year" period and actively explore a variety of ways to implement cultural relics "crisis, liberation, interpretation of" three solutions on the basis of engineering, has started the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" cultural relics protection "5" a number of works from the hall and become tenements celebrities protection of cultural heritage to start, strive in the "13th Five-Year" during the area was identified as immovable cultural relics of the hall, celebrities relics all vacate protection.     cultural relics protection to vacate the problem due to historical reasons for the formation of innovation: the need to be solved in recent years, more and more people realize that ancient buildings not renewable and historical and cultural value behind them, "the protection of ancient buildings", "protection of celebrities" is growing. However, things are easier said than done. Sun Jinsong introduction, Xicheng District existing more than three units in 181, and has not yet approved level of the immovable cultural relics 182 building, the more than and 360 cultural relics in 165 place for residents, there are security risks or unreasonable use, "including the former residence of Tan Sitong, like a number of pepper Yang Shan Temple has become a cultural relic Warren, not only did not show the value of cultural relics, there is a serious safety hazard." Shaoxing cultural relics identification board outside the hall. Shangguan photo "cultural relics become tenements is formed by historical reasons, some even have been recognized before in this state. In addition to the complex relationship between ownership, renovation vacate a large capital investment, the interests of the residents living in difficult coordination, so has been facing the problem of cultural relics protection". Sun Jinsong said: "the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau in" 12th Five-Year "during the annual arrangement of several hundred million funds for the restoration of cultural relics protection, but what the city to use the money ratio is not high, mainly because not vacate cannot repair. Only need to vacate the city cultural relics and nearby area of one hundred and thirty thousand square meters, tens of billions of dollars in capital investment, but also with the construction of the corresponding resettlement housing docking." Historical issues are real, only through development in order to solve the problem. To become decrepit relics protection implementation to vacate the historical responsibility of the government is determined to do, "Sun Jinsong said in the past, the government limited to the lack of financial resources, the investment does not vacate the cultural relics. In the implementation of the way to rebuild the area mainly rely on or other projects, have experience and lessons. Now bring the district government on economic and social development of the cultural consciousness and financial strength, based on the "12th Five-Year" period of exploration and practice, has been determined to vacate the cultural relics protection into fixed assets investment plan of the government, starting from the year Zhiguangongfang belonged to, start the implementation of a number of cultural relics collection, vacate the project)相关的主题文章: