Beijing Fujian police cracked the case of possession of more than one kilogram of fruit of methamphe

Fujian police cracked the case of more than one kilogram of fruit possession of methamphetamine hidden in grapefruit – Beijing, Beijing in October 9 Zhangzhou Xinhua (Wu Yuanjie Lin Zhixiang) Fujian Longhai police disclosed 9, during the National Day this year, Longhai police successfully cracked a drug trafficking case, the scene arrested 1 drug trafficking suspects, seized a vehicle crime. Seized 1010 grams of methamphetamine. In April this year, the Longhai Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade was informed of the work, the suspect Hwang has a major drug trafficking suspects, and a large number of drugs. Grasp the clues, Zhangzhou City, Longhai city public security organs attach great importance to dispatched elite police task force composed, to intervene in this case investigation work. Police intercepted suspicious vehicles and suspicious items. Wu Yuanjie was taken after careful investigation and careful tracking information judged, the panel grasp to suspect Huang on October 3rd, carrying 1 kilograms of methamphetamine trafficking to the field of information, rapid tracking investigation, waiting to arrest. The morning of October 4th, police task force in Jiefang Road road and the junction of Zhangzhou City Xiangcheng District of riverside of secret surveillance, decisively to stop the suspect vehicle, successfully arrested the 45 year old suspect Hwang, driving from the trunk of the car seized for possession of eight boxes of grapefruit. From the eight boxes of grapefruit, police investigation, found 1 particle drug hiding grapefruit, achieved 1.01 kilograms of methamphetamine from. At present, the suspect Hwang after appearing in court confessed to the crime, has been under criminal mandatory measures taken by public security organs. (end)相关的主题文章: