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Arts-and-Entertainment Beverage filling machine equipment, vigorously develop a very positive sense With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the development of the beverage to be.e the subject of great concern. filling machine technology and equipment is the key to speed up the development of a variety of products deep processing, is the "bottleneck". Beverage products in China are mainly carbonated soft drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, plant protein drinks, natural mineral water, purified water, tea drinks, milk drinks, solid drinks, cold drinks and other beverages, etc., including carbonated drinks, with its output accounting for drinks about half of total output. In recent years, fruit and vegetable deep processing of beverage development soon. The equipment used by the domestic brewing and beverage industry, filling machinery and equipment imported from abroad about 1/2, especially for large and medium-sized backbone enterprises; basically the use of imported equipment. The introduction of technology digestion and absorption and self-developed domestic equipment accounting for about 1/2, and basically meet the domestic needs of the market, and a small amount of export. filling machinery manufacturing enterprises in China’s beverage filling machines processing about 200, with the whole, .plete sets of production capacity has more than 30, nearly 170 of the supporting capacity of a certain size. Our existing filling machinery manufacturing enterprises to the production, a small glass bottle filling machine -based, accounting for more than 85 percent, is now able to supply .plete sets of 3,000 to 30,000 bottles / glass bottles filling machine , Milk filling machines Oil filling machines , beverage filling machines equipment production capacity of 3000 pieces (sets). 36000 ~ 40000 bottles / equipment to meet the basic requirements of domestic orders. Accelerate the development of the development of beverage filling machines , to provide advanced, applicable and economic, reliable technology and equipment has a very positive meaning. Therefore, we must vigorously the development of beverage and bottling equipment, to meet market demand, and further promote the development and improvement of the domestic filling equipment to fight as soon as possible to catch up with domestic high-quality filling machinery and equipment-producing countries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: