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Arts-and-Entertainment Synod Bioscience is a leading .pany that reduces effective waste management system all around the world. The .pany focuses on well differentiated technology to provide effective waste management systems for various agricultural and food processing sectors. We also provide sustainable solutions for the various bioenergy plants and water recycling system across the country. Synod Bioscience design, build and operate power plants that generate additional benefits for its customers. Our practical approach optimizes the resource to contribute the best institutional biogas plants as well as .munity biogas plants across the world. Our team of experts consists of professionals with many years of their interdisciplinary experience in the waste to energy industry. There are qualified professionals from different streams such as Biochemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology and Process Engineering. Our presence in India is Entire Kerala, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Nagpur, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Mangalore, Mumbai, Noida & Delhi. While in abroad Mauratius, South Africa, Iraq, Iran, Botswania & Kenya are the countries which is using our product. Our established office is at Cochin & Bangalore and we had dealer offices at 14 districts of Kerala, Coimbatore & Mumbai. The capacity of our plant production is 1000 domestic units/month. We have well-equipped laboratory in collaboration with MCET, Trivandrum. The laboratories can perform analytical tests for Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Enzyme Engineering, Downstream Processing and Bioprocess Engineering. We offer premium quality technology for the customers by providing best available technology through different partners so as to meet their customized equipment. We improve the profitability of owners and city planners by owner capital investment and operating costs to deal with the real causes of environmental pollution. Synod Bioscience is manufacturing a biogas production kit which can be used for domestic biogas as well as institutional purposes. The kit can generate 2 hours of cooking gas from a mere 1 kg of kitchen waste which is easily available from a family consisting of 5-7 members per day. While reducing the cost of cooking by 50% and managing the domestic waste easily it is also capable of generating electricity for the institutions. The advantages of domestic (portable) units are: 1.Investment: (i)Low input "" maximum output (1 kg waste produces 2 hrs gas for cooking), (ii) Zero input cost, zero running cost 2.Safety & Look: (i) 100% hygienic, (ii) Aesthetic look, suits any kind of urban space 3.Free of Fuss: (i) No digging required, (ii) Can be placed in any location such as terrace/balcony or backyard 4.Others: (i) No worries of excess gas production/under consumption, (ii) Biogas stoves are made equivalent in product experience with LPG with bigger sized burners & pipes The Institutional Model is of 3 types which have various advantages as: 1.Floating Drum Model: (i) High Life Span, (ii) High Efficiency, (iii) Used for wide range of waste 2.Fixed Dome Fiber Made: (i) Easy and quick to be built, (ii) Highly industrialized, (iii) Solid organic material can be used, (iv) Easy to maintain, (v) Durable, (vi) Excellent safety feature, (vii) Low cost 3.Balloon Systems: (i) Cost reduction while constructing higher capacity plants, (ii) Construction cost is low, (iii) Can be done in any shape The other benefits are that the human excreta (night soil) discharged from the domestic house hold can be converted into biogas by applying anaerobic digestion. For the people living in coastal areas, marshy lands and high water table places. These types of toilets are suitable. The construction of septic tank can be avoided. These types of plants are designed to cater to the needs of hostels, schools, convents, hospitals, industrial organizations etc. The organic wastes including night soil (human excreta) generated will be treated in an eco friendly manner for production of biogas. Also the organic waste generated from public institutions like Market and slaughter houses etc can be used for the generation of electricity. 1.5 KW electricity can be produced from one cubic metre of biogas. The main advantage of waste to electricity project is that, no external power is required for the operation of the plant. The power generated in the treatment plant can be utilized to meet the in-house requirements and also for providing lights in the markets and street. Minimum 125kgs of solid waste per day is required. Apart from all the above benefits these kits require zero maintenance and running cost. It can be placed anywhere like balcony, backyard or terrace (only for domestic model) and no foul smell will be emitted from it. The slurry which is the end product is even being brought into use that is it serves as a good fertilizer for the plantation. So, the waste is being utilized without any further waste generation. It"s a o.ime investment plan without any fuss. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: