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Software Wel.e to 1joomla for Joomla lovers in fact developers where we create free joomla templates, extensions and many more.Joomla is an easy to use CMS tool, which allows you to create a website with practically no design or programing skills. To start a Joomla site, you need to sign up for a hosting account and have Joomla CMS installed. At 1joomla you can get a free professional Joomla installation with your Joomla hosting account. By releasing this dynamic template, 1joomla provides a much more customizable template that .es with many cool features. Each of the applications contains information on how to configure / setup and how to use its features effectively. Extensions are add-ons that expand the functionality of Joomla. Extensions are used to add capabilities to Joomla that do not exist in the standard package. Hundreds of Extensions are available for Joomla, with more being developed all of the time. Extensions are categorized into five types 1.A .ponent is a mini-application that renders the main body of the page. Examples of .ponents are Contacts, the Front Page, and News Feeds. 2. A Module is a smaller Extension typically used for rendering a small element that displays across multiple pages. Examples of Modules include Menus and Related Items.3. A Plug-in is a section of code that runs when a pre-defined event happens within Joomla. For example, editors are Plug-in that run when an edit session is opened. 4. The Language Extension allows for the Front-end and Back-end of Joomla! to be presented in any language for which a language Extension exists. This way, Joomla can be released in a new language with no changes to the core program.5. A Template controls the way the content of a web site is displayed, including the location and layout of elements, colors, fonts, and so on. Templates allow the appearance of the web site to be separated from its content. No need to go and search for the script online and bother yourself with its installation with our Joomla hosting plan you will get the script installed for you and ready to use on your website. The Free Joomla Templates offers you anything your content-rich and functional website might need to operate trouble-free round-the-clock. Being familiar with the finest demands and sensitivity of the global Joomla users. Many extensions offered by 1Joomla (including IceMegaMenu, HikaShop,Superfish Menu,Kunena, Susnet Facebook Like Box ,Optimized Facebook Like Box and AdminExile) are .bined together in this new Joomla template to make it match with users multiple purposes: online-channel for business, .anizations website or a personal blog. We are dedicated to helping you maintain vital functions in your business, along with the vast scope of operations throughout your entire .anization, so you can increase your business’ profitability and safeguard your overall success.Beleive us we are into Website & web application development business for about so many years and created around 1000+ joomla website templates, we strongly suggest that Joomla is one of the best CMS to choose. Please visit our website so that you can check & verify there are lot of variety HTML, Joomla templates and extension we have done and most of the websites are doing using Joomla the Great CMS.When you are looking forward to create a stunning website, then we can assure you that you are at the correct place. Please check our portfolio to verify our quality of work. Please contact us to get your website designed & developed by an expert who has been developing high quality website for last several years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: