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Business David Wood may remind you, at first, of your highly eccentric cousin or the free spirited friend you grew up with. In one of his recent marketing videos he talks to the camera while showing off his beach house in Costa Rica, picking coconuts and running full speed into the surf, screaming as he heads towards the water. In reality, it is David’s unique style that makes him such a valuable asset to the MLM .munity. I wanted to tell David’s story because of the inspiration that I think you will discover in it. As David explains it, he was first introduced to the world of network marketing when his father dropped him off at an Amway meeting as a young teenager. According to David, the only two people in attendance were himself and a homeless man. A dream began taking shape in David when the homeless man questioned the presenter (who David describes as being very plain and ordinary) about his in.e and the presenter displayed a recent earnings statement for over $200,000. David realized that if the presenter could make that kind of money so could he. David started his network marketing journey by joining two well known MLM .panies. In each case he was less than successful at building any kind of a solid business. David tried prospecting in shopping malls, college campuses and anywhere else he could think of. David laughingly says he was banned from 4 different Wal-Mart stores because of his prospecting efforts. After a few years, David ultimately wound up with a start up .pany that was being pioneered by two of the biggest names in the network marketing world. In this third .pany, David learned the importance of targeting influential people. David ultimately recruited one of the most influential men in his .munity, who in turn personally sponsored over 200 people into David’s business team. It was during his tenure with this .pany that David began to taste the beginnings of success as he built his in.e to over $4,000 per month. During this same time period, David got married and decided to take a year off. David and his wife were living in a van on the beach in Hawaii, but during his time away from his business it began to dwindle and his earning began to evaporate. In the summer of 2009 with $200 to his name, David decided to head back into the world of network marketing, while his wife went to work to help make ends meet. David joined a new .pany and turned his sights to the world of online marketing. Having a lack of working capital, David became a student of free marketing methods and directed his focus to three highly effective strategies: Blogging, article marketing and video marketing. Over a three month period, David poured himself into creating new pieces of content each and every day. In a short period of time, David began to pick up a substantial amount of leads, as the traffic generated by his content continued to increase. During this time he even won a sales contest with one of the affiliate marketing programs he promotes, without even knowing he was .peting. By the end of 2009, David had be.e the top recruiter and earner in his primary network marketing business and he was also became the top lead producer in the MLSP system. In fact David won a BMW at the end of 2009 in a lead generation contest put on by MLMLeadSystemPro. In the early part of 2010 David and his wife relocated to Costa Rica, where they live in a home on the beach. In March of 2010, David received an unexpected phone call informing him that his primary .pany would no longer be operating their network marketing platform. At that time, David had built a sizeable business with this .pany, having personally sponsored 250 representatives into his downline. For many people this would have spelled calamity, but not for David Wood. David immediately connected with another .pany that was already being utilized by several top earners in the MyLeadSystemPro system. He immediately set up a 24 hour blitz of conference calls, starting a new call every 2 hours to .municate with his business team. When the dust had settled, David was launching his new business with over 50 in the first generation of his downline, even though the start up package for his new business is $500. In the time period between March of 2010 and August of 2010, David personally added over 200 people to his team. When you sit back and look at what David Wood has been able to ac.plish, building two substantial businesses and earning over $250,000 in less than one year, that in itself would be a tremendous feat. What really be.es inspiring is when you learn that he has done all of this using free marketing strategies. David has proven that you don’t need a fat bank account to make this business work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: