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Mobile-Cell-Phone Mobile phones have counted among the very important personal belongings for most people. In their busy lives, mobiles help them stay connected to their family, friends and business associates all the time. Mobile industry is experiencing new technology and latest features to provide better mobile to its consumers. Dual SIM mobiles are increasingly getting popular among the consumers worldwide. These dual SIM mobiles are highly functional for all purposes. These mobiles are great craze among youngsters these days. Most of the people such as professionals, sales persons, young executive and other require carrying two mobile phones for various personal and professional reasons. With a Dual SIM mobile phone, you need not carry two mobile handsets in your pockets if you want to use two numbers. These mobiles are of great use for the professionals who travel a lot. These people carry two mobile phones to avoid roaming mobile charges. For that purpose, they carry two SIM cards, one for local calls and other for STD purposes. A dual Sim mobile phone allows the user to use two numbers on a single handset at a time. There are several benefits of using Dual SIM mobiles. They save a lot of money and hassles of carrying two phones. Some of the popular Dual Sim mobile phones include Samsung SCH W599, Samsung D780, Evolio Duo 100, Privileg X6 and others. Though several leading mobile phones .panies are not much into manufacturing of Dual SIM phones, there are several small players providing wide range of Dual Sim phones. The first .pany to launch dual SIM mobile phones in India is Spice Corporation. There are two types of dual SIM mobile available in market. These two types include standby dual SIM phones and active Dual SIM phones. With a Standby dual SIM phone, adapters are provided. With the help of these adapters, you can use regular mobile to use 2 SIM cards. You can switch from one card to another according to the requirement. On the other hand, active Dual SIM mobile phone is capable of working with both SIM cards at the same time without using any other additional .ponent such as adapter in standby mobile phone. If you need dual SIM functionality often, it is better to buy an active dual SIM mobile phone. All these phones .e with .prehensive features and functionalities as expected from any latest mobile phones. You can visit online mobile stores to know more about features and prices of different Dual SIM mobile phones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: