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To find the object must find a play another half of the article source: divination master has a girl told me that her boyfriend’s parents because the requirements are too high, and she chose to give up the feelings between. Until now, she can not forget her ex boyfriend, she would like to work hard, and so after buying a house to go forward boyfriend proposed marriage. After listening to her story, I can feel she is a very good girl, is a very spoony girl. Unfortunately, encountered a difficult to easily say let go of boyfriend. I think no matter how high the girl’s parents, as long as the goal can be achieved through efforts, should not easily say let go. Have a true love person is how not easy, not to mention such a kind of love is the girl. In real life, many parents want their daughter to find a certain material basis of the boys, so that her daughter will be a little better in the future. Sometimes the girl’s parents made some seemingly harsh demands, in fact, is a test of the boy, the boy is willing to look at the end of his marriage is willing to pay much effort. However, there are some boys in the face of high standards and strict requirements of the girlfriend’s parents dare not accept the challenge, endured the pain to give up the original girlfriend. He always put all the responsibility to the woman’s parents, always feel that the parents despise him, do not believe him. Although I was a boy, but in this matter, I must speak for the woman, if a boy love you a lack of determination and courage, what he had to support the family, how dare to choose one as the girls are not willing to order two personal happiness and hard boys? Even if the choice, such a marriage in the end be able to maintain long? I think that if a boy really loves a girl, he is willing to work hard for the well-being of two people, and then they will be hard to bear. Not to mention a spoony girl wouldn’t look at my boyfriend a person so hard work. Two people work together, struggle together, happy days will come sooner or later. The key is to see the boy that has the proof of my female friend’s determination and courage. If a boy loves you a lack of determination and courage, two personal happiness in the future what is to ensure that the marriage and family, want to maintain long-term easier said than done? More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: