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Crafts-Hobbies Here are some tips to help you achieve those fantastic photographs you are after using your canon wide angle lens. This is great to capture a wider field of view in your photographs. The subject may be the image’s focus; however, by using this canon wide angle lens, you can make good use of the background in the picture to add interest. This way the picture will capture a larger story instead of just a photo; for example, in a picture of two children playing on the beach, you may have captured a small fishing boat going past in the background. In respects to the larger lens, the canon wide angle lens gives you a stronger depth of field. This is great in that it will not only give you a background and foreground, you also have the chance of keeping everything focused. If on the other hand, you were using a bigger lens, you would have to have the aperture more closed. This would mean a slower shutter speed, and having to use a tripod, which is more time consuming. With all that extra messing about, the depth of field may not have the strength it would have with the use of a canon wide angle lens. The great thing about using a canon wide angle lens is that if taking photo shoots of such things as railroad tracks, a jetty, fence-line things that may stretch into the distance, then by using a wide angle lens will actually give you great photos. This will give you a photo where you may feel like you can actually walk along the railroad track giving strong lines to the picture. The canon wide angle lens can give another dimension to a picture giving the illusion that things at different distances are further apart than they actually are. The objects at the forefront look smaller, while the background objects may seem a lot more distant. If you read all the tips above they may help you in some way in achieving the goals you have set for yourself in creating fantastic pictures. There is nothing better than getting your camera and taking different photos using your wide angle lens and experimenting to see what sort of pictures you have taken. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: