Gao Yuanyuan has repeatedly been Oolong pregnant Alyssa Chia give them a little space incubus

Gao Yuanyuan has been pregnant Alyssa Chia pass Oolong: give them a little space – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to Taiwan "China times news, Alyssa Chia attended the 26 endorsement shampoo, husband Shiou once said she is very tired, had to help her wash, wash the bubble to the forehead, also has been said to help her hair, but she does not think, because shampoo, hair or to their own habits to compare," and why he would wash ah!" She also joked that his strengths are not helping the other half shampoo, "my strength is tapping his face, help him face mask, squeeze acne", otherwise, he can also help shave! Vivian Hsu had brought her son with Dalton does not does not play, paired by netizens praised super adorable speed dating, Alyssa Chia said, now the two kids are too small, there is not much interaction, mostly all of the play, if a bit older can play together, it should be quite lovely, but if Dalton see mom does not does not feel jealous, she does not hold Dalton, is not what the reaction does not. Friend Gao Yuanyuan is then passed Alyssa Chia Oolong pregnant, frankly, the media really Gaima, people are not pregnant written confirmation, "who will be at the airport to wear tights, why wear loose clothes is pregnant? Write it every time! Now they are very happy, ah, there are two people in the world, why do we have to stare at this pregnancy, give them a little space, let them relax a little!" She also asked her husband retired after Shiou, will go through the wedding, she said to discuss, will look at the status of planning, "I’m not so dreamy people".相关的主题文章: