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Travel-and-Leisure Attractions in Boston Common When in Boston, you should not miss the Boston Common, one of the most popular attractions of the city. This is the pin of the Emerald Necklace, a generic name for the parks that are spread all over the city. The Boston Common dates back to 1634, when it was a common field for public hangings and it was also used for military purposes. Gloria Steinman, Martin Luther King Jr. and Pope John Paul II held some public speeches in the Boston Common. The park is currently open to the public. Here you can see several important monuments of the city. The Parkman Bandstand is a monument dedicated to George F Parkman, who greatly contributed to the preservation of the park. The Civil War troops are honored here at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument located on the Flagstaff Hill. You can come with your kids here, to play in the summer or for skating during winter. Booking Affordable Boston Hotels Boston is a busy business city and a cultural one as well and it is visited by numerous people annually, who come here either with business or as tourists. Boston has numerous luxury hotels, but many of them can be too expensive for a traveler with an average budget. For that reason, there are numerous affordable Boston hotels located in the center of the city. These hotels come very handy for people who want to take the most from their visit and they offer them the opportunity of visiting Boston at a convenient price. The affordable hotels in Boston offer the guests a comfortable and clean environment at prices that suit all the budgets. The reservations for these hotels can be made with a credit card and a notice of no less than 48 hours. Even if the interiors of the affordable hotels are not that impressive, they still have a unique charm of their own. Boston Hotels Facilities The Boston hotels have been serving tourists for many decades and they have definitely mastered the art of pleasing their guests. The hotels have numerous facilities and they offer world class services for every Boston stay. The accommodation in Boston falls in all price categories, ranging from budget hotels in Boston to cheap Boston hotels. Alternative options for accommodation in Boston are the inns, hostels, motels and lodges. The best method of making a reservation in the Boston hotels is to make a booking on a reservation site. This way, you can view various Boston hotels by costs and you will get an instant confirmation for your booking. A valid credit is all you need for making the preparations for your Boston trip. The facilities offered in Boston are various and they can offer you a very pleasant stay when you visit Boston. Experience the Vibrant Nightlife of Boston The City of Boston has a vibrant nightlife jam packed with entertainment that suits every single taste. From elegant wine bars to vibrant dance clubs, discotheques and more, you can find them all here. There is a large selection of clubs in Boston. The Venu Club offers the visitors an eclectic choice of music, among them counting Latin, techno, old school rap and hip-hop. At the Gypsy Bar from the Theatre District you can often meet celebrities who come to hang out there. For a more vivid ambience, try Mojitos, where you can dance on meringue, salsa, reggaeton or bachata. In Boston you have at all times options to hear some live music. You can find rock and funk beats at Bills Bar, a place that is decorated artistically with images of old rock figures. You can experience jazz music at Wallys Caf, where jazz artists for an enthusiastic audience. An eclectic style of music, combining pop-dance, rock and world music can be found at Paradise Rock Club. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: