Go to event trumpchi dynamic full strength to create world of legend – automobile Sohu jiqingwuyuetian

Go to event trumpchi dynamic full strength to create "world of legend" – Sohu (the car Sohu auto Ma qian3) after the completion of the task of the G20 summit service global dignitaries, trumpchi and reception to the global business. In September 8th 2016, Chinese international investment and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Xiamen Fair) will be held in Xiamen. Xiamen fair is the world’s largest international investment, the most perfect, the most influential promotion event. As a eight year old brand, GAC trumpchi has six consecutive become Xiamen fair strategic partner. The "Six Dynasties veterans" trumpchi will send 60 GA8 and 90 GA6 over to provide transport service for Xiamen fair. From the appearance of "NPC and CPPCC" service to the G20 summit in Hangzhou, and then to the upcoming 2016 Xiamen fair, trumpchi frequent "China home court", has created the "official car market legend. By "wind vane" campaign — effective "trumpchi starts from the date of birth and Xiamen fair cooperation, in addition to enhance the brand image, but also to develop overseas market". About trumpchi pushing the purchase of official vehicles, high-end service event management strategy, Guangzhou Automobile Group Passenger Car Co. Ltd. deputy general manager Xiao Yong said in an interview with the Sohu automobile, it does create upward boost for the brand. "We want to use high-end conference car experience, let people feel the elite Chinese China products continue to evolve and ascend the charm." With the rapid growth of China’s auto market into a period, Xiao Yong admitted that China’s own brand is currently only two choices: continue to retreat or brave welcome. "Through the years of accumulation, to trumpchi as the representative of the domestic brands of high-end models, and has a joint venture brand competition. This time in a major occasion to show our brand image, but also contribute to the breakthrough of the entire Chinese brand." With the reform of the bus, car prices to rely solely on government procurement of this cake filled stomach is unrealistic. In Xiao Yong view, to build a good official car image, its brand meaning greater than sales significance. Participate in high-end event, the main value of its role in the vane. After all, China’s consumers are still more reference vane." Xiao Yong said, the main high-end business and political market sales of GA8, the bus purchase only accounted for about 10%, while the remaining 90% is trumpchi next to continue to break up user groups: "GA8 will be faced with more and more civil servants’ personal Car Buying this market for these is the identity of the consumer groups. We want to use high-end conference car opportunity, the product delivered to their charm and confidence". Innovative products + perfect system — Network repairer red real car is opened out. The independent brand to be based on the foothold in the market, in addition to the market positioning and brand marketing, product quality of the hardware control and multidimensional optimization production system is the key to success. In April of this year’s Beijing auto show, trumpchi GA, GS and GM8 three C class three sword volleys, completed trumpchi cars, SUV and MPV in the three major areas of the C class to complete the layout. As GAC trumpchi "five years grinding sword".相关的主题文章: