Granny died in a roadside green belt vehicle rolling fly 20 pounds of stone hit the head – in Beijin unfccc

Granny died in a roadside green belt: vehicle rolling fly 20 pounds of stone Beijing hit the head – in an online news according to the Anhui daily news, one day in July this year, Dangtu County shiqiaozhen a more than and 80 year old woman was found lying on the roadside green belt, head and shoulder significant trauma, suspected of traffic accidents by. But the police found that the old is not being hit by a car and died, also ruled out murder, this let granny’s death into a puzzle. Through careful analysis on the scene of the video, the police found the truth turned out to be a 20 pound vehicle rolling stones on the road by the passing fly, just hit the woman, causing his death. [the] Granny fell on the green belt died in July 5th this year, inexplicable 13 PM, Dangtu County Public Security Bureau received a public warning, Shi Qiao Zhen Pu Ji Cun a more than and 80 year old woman fell on the roadside green belt. The traffic police who rushed to the scene to rescue the injured, unfortunately she died on the way to the hospital. The police deal with the accident followed by a detailed investigation on the scene, found the old man lying in the green belt of a large blood and a tree bark 2cm square fresh scratches, did not find the vehicle crash left brake pieces or imprinting any valuable clues. "Granny has a head and shoulder injury, wearing a pair of slippers." According to the old man was lying on the ground and the position of the wound, the police speculated that this should be together by the external causes of death cases. [] puzzle after forensic examination analysis and elimination of accidents and murder mystery death, Granny died there are two possibilities, one is the traffic accident; the other is murder. Through access to a nearby highway bayonet video surveillance, overnight extraction tachograph 22 Mini bus. In the repeated viewing information recorder, the police will be locked in time the cases occurred at 11:48 to 12 points to 03 points in 15 minutes, a key suspect vehicle 35. But after one investigation, all suspected vehicles were excluded. "If the old woman was hit by a vehicle, a pair of slippers are worn on the feet of the neat probability of only 1/10000." The possibility of the traffic police speculated that Granny being hit by a car to death is very small. "Old woman living alone, supported by their children, not what savings, and she and her neighbors live in harmony, and also because money is the basic rule of homicide vendetta." Police introduction. So far, two are in the direction of solving siju. [] turning a stone into the key murderers locked the group again on the recorder for repeated viewing, on multiple video recorder to slow down in the process of handling the accident squadron deputy commander Huang Xin found a white point a very slight change — in the video on the pavement vanished. After amplified, white is actually a stone. How did the stone disappear? Police eventually learned from a large truck driver’s license in the field, that day driving in front of an agricultural vehicle tires will fly out of stone. "Peng Yisheng, I saw a stone flew out." Task force police rushed to the scene, after careful search, found in a piece of grass and record the size of the video, the same shape of the stones, and above.相关的主题文章: