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Granny fell by a heart attack security hospital: they also pro – than the child Beijing Li Popo thanked the two kind of security rescue in a timely manner. Guangzhou Daily reporter Su Junjie photo Guangzhou daily news (reporter Ho, Wang Xiaoquan) "if no two of them, I must have in this world." Recently, who lives in Clifford? Lake Bay Li Popo experienced a moment of life and death, the old man from the supermarket on the way home after panic buying, suddenly fell to the ground. Fortunately, nearly two residents in the community to lend a helping hand, the old man rushed to the nearby hospital rescue relay. After diagnosis, the old man is a heart attack, because timely treatment to save his life. Afterwards, Li Popo exclaimed, "I think they’re better than my kids."!" She fainted after panic buying into the supermarket recently, Li Popo listen to the neighbor said near the supermarket on the twenty percent off, then rush to panic buying, indoor people hot, old man came out from the supermarket after the heart feel uncomfortable. I am particularly uneasy, not to go to the nearby hospital has been praying for the faint, no consciousness." The more than and 70 year old Li Popo had 5 heart bypass surgery, also suffering from cerebral thrombosis and cerebral infarction. When she woke up, she found herself lying in a hospital bed. At that time, the nurse told the old man: "grandma, you wake up. When you fainted, surrounded by people, everyone can not help you, thanks to the two brother security rescue." Listen to the nurse’s words, Lee mother-in-law found his pants are all wet, after the faint incontinence, "although I’m not heavy, but the shock is still very heavy. Two security guards are not afraid of dirty, but also so careful to take me to the hospital." The old man moved more than that, she found that the security of the things she bought in the post all the security booth custody. Li Popo said with emotion: "if there is no two of them, I probably not in this world." When it comes to excitement, she added: "although I have a son and a daughter, but at a critical moment, I think they are better than my children." The lady went to the hospital to hold the relay memory to save the scene, at noon is on duty in charge of Hu Kuncun and Shi Qijun told reporters, then across the street surrounded by a large group of people, the crowd shouted "human life". Hu Kuncun realized that something happened, then hurried past, through the crowd, saw an old lady lying on the ground. He immediately took the old man to the stool and sat down. Passers by reminder: do not hit 120, and quickly sent to the hospital." Hu Kuncun saw the old man incontinence, feel very nervous, so called colleagues Shi Qijun, two people holding the old man to the hospital. "Time is life, and we immediately decided to take her to the hospital." Hu Kuncun said. Go to the hospital just 3 minutes away, but on the way to a big steep stone, holding the woman walking Qijun sweating, his face flushed, "no, I can’t." Stone said to Hu Kuncun Qijun breathlessly, Hu Kuncun took the old lady to continue climbing. Two people then each relay, the old man to the hospital, watched the old man into the emergency room. At this point, two people have been too tired to speak, the hands are the old lady"相关的主题文章: