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Hebei 4A scenic spots near the fried mountain villa built often blasting owners do not understand the news Hebei Laishui Sohu – "Green Town" 1-6 panorama, mountain villas hundreds of villas built. Part of the mountain was blown up, ready to build the platoon Shuangpin villa. A08-A09 version of the Beijing News reporter Beijing Road, November 9th at 3:52, Laishui County, a small town across the green A 6 plots, a few fried points almost simultaneously detonated. Fried point have been admitted to the villa only wall. In November 8th, after blasting, crossing the Green Town three owners of the house wall crack. Billboard leading to a roadside green town. "Shooting! Now start blasting." Across the hillside about 1000 meters, can feel the vibration of blasting. This is November 9th, the Hebei Baoding Laishui County Deputy construction site Du Town Green? ". The site is ready to blow up the original mountain, mountain built townhouse. In fact, the Ministry of land and resources ban stop villa land supply has been issued for nearly 13 years, but the villa has not disappeared. The publicity of the project phase two pre-sale permit, projects are tall buildings, 50 sets. Laishui urban and Rural Planning Bureau to produce information on the project information disclosure shows: the project planning program for the overall design, phased implementation. "It’s not a scenic spot, it’s not a villa." Laishui county urban and Rural Planning Bureau official said when responding to the owners. Such action is not to the villa project, the project EIA publicity in Hebei Province, Baoding City Environmental Protection Bureau official website, the official website of the Baoding Municipal Development and Reform Commission also did not check to the six period before the "fixed assets investment projects for the record". As early as 2003, the Ministry has issued a document expressly prohibit the supply of land for villas, villas were seen in the reporter Green Town, the owners built a basketball court and a detached villa in the garden. In the mountain villa Du Town had a green Shimao? "A new town crossing?" (hereinafter referred to as green town). The real estate project is located in Hebei County of Laishui Shen Jia An Cun Song Zhuang Xiang, Beijing city is located in the southwest of Fangshan District, and the Fangshan District Zhangfang Beijing only a Juma river. Drive from Beijing City, just 2 hours. Many people in Beijing, rushed to the pension and vacation purposes, in the green town to buy villas. But a number of owners reflect, from the beginning of April 2016, the district should be blasting several times a month, not only damaged the housing, the surrounding environment has also been polluted, residents simply can not live. November 8th, the Beijing News reporter came to visit the field, is blasting the land is the six phase of the project A plots. According to the site construction personnel, here the original mountain, as high as the surrounding mountains. Three years ago, suffering from sinusitis have been flying fancy here picturesque scenery, he bought a plot three detached villas as their rest place. Once flew home next to the District of a uphill road, a Alaska dog tied on the first floor of the garage, guarding the house. The garage beside a folding staircase leading to the room, on the first floor of the garage and two layer. The top floor is thirty or forty square?相关的主题文章: