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News-and-Society Writing your Profile Right after you have finalized who you would like to meet, work on the details that should be able to attract your potential date’s attention. And for the guys, keep our heads up with the ‘8 second rule’, you actually have only 8 seconds, no more and no less, to attract the lady of your dreams. It might not be so fair .pared that to the ladies, but that is how thin the line is between having the date of your life or just some profile. Put your attention to the detail – with every line, every word, these can actually pull you close into describing the exact you. Be Honest A fact, it’s actually easy to write about yourself when you are honest-to-goodness sincere. It establishes trust and save you from the degrading stories that will harm your reputation in the long run once the truth .es out. Some people really do like normal and simple people online than those people who claim that they are the one with their muscle-filled body with David Hasselhoff’s wallpaper on the background. Just be .pletely honest with yourself, and you’ll never get fooled by someone. Simple. Be Unique According to a survey, 90% of the profiles that are uploaded online tell that these individuals are funny, amusing and presents a great sense of humor, 70% thinks that they are tender and sensitive. Almost all the people in the world would love going out and watch movies, spend time together in a park or eat dinner together. What I’m trying to say is, be different in any way but don’t scare your visitor by filling out your profile that you like the art of picking your nose, likes to cuddle your teddy bear or talking to yourself. Be what you are and be proud of what you are. Picture Refresh your thoughts and put in a great picture of you, without a rather amusing background with balloons or with no family and pets. Put the most good-looking picture of you on your profile, but don’t use Photoshop and render everything to make you look like a lot like Marlon Brando. Be clean and well-shaved on that picture if you are indeed serious on looking for not just a date, but someone that you are looking forward to be with in the future. You know, have 2 ½ kids, white picket fence, and etc. To submit a profile or view others – visit Sqeesh.. 相关的主题文章: