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Innovative fashion, ingenuity from mining Shanghai cheongsam really essence – Shanghai Channel – Shanghai Fashion Week Spring 2017 release of the upcoming opening of the October 12th, people in the early domestic outer booked schedule and the trend of Shanghai outfit, it is hot in the city of Shanghai, is also a fashion trendsetter must reach the station. Over the past century, Shanghai has always been in the forefront of the country and even the world’s international fashion metropolis. Today, Shanghai has not only the global fashion paomadi, it is to cultivate the original costume culture of XianFeng Railway Station and the black land, born at the time the industry can not jump for joy and delight. Recently, China garment industry advanced fashion design, craft artist first "intangible cultural heritage" Shanghai cheongsam heritage, the sea "1" fashion Hongxiang’s successor, 88 year old Jin Taijun received the Shanghai cheongsam benchmark brand "man Kroraina founder Qiu Sheng invited the dawn of the situation, made a special trip to Shanghai to plow deep enterprise development limited for a generation of young people dress a vivid Shanghai cheongsam development course, young people truly understand the Shanghai cheongsam charming yesterday and have a brilliant future in the future. Preacher: Shanghai cheongsam is Shanghai fashion a mirror of Mr. Jin Taijun in 1944 to enter the parents founded the Shanghai Hongxiang fashion company with Chinese and foreign clothing teacher learning, this period of his career apprenticeship is the famous East first fashion brand "Hongxiang" the most brilliant period, but also the modern sense of "Shanghai cheongsam" true stereotypes the period. As a result, the old gold was identified as the national intangible cultural heritage "art heritage Shanghai cheongsam, it is self-evident its industry position. "Man" Kroraina founder Qiu Liming is desperate for this national treasure value highly. Speaking of the development history of the old gold Shanghai cheongsam familiar, he has found that cheongsam is a Manchu clothing, by the Qing rulers to the Central Plains, there was a provision that is three from three from the male from the female from the customs from the monk from, from death from. So, in fact, the real Chinese cheongsam is the Republic of China after the things that can be seen today in 1919, the May 4th Movement "pictures of the female students were still wearing two piece dress. Cheongsam improved after 1920, from the opening, and miscellaneous, West Shanghai began, during quite a long time to gradually shape. This one of the two landmark innovations: one is the width of the robe sleeve gradually reduced, and the two is gradually fitting the profile. By the middle of the last century, in 40s, installed leaders, waist Province, the line is also more gentle. So, Shanghai cheongsam is a variant of the Manchu clothing (or modified), its essence is the women’s fashion become fashionable for a time. After the reform and opening up, gold old Shanghai served as deputy director of the Institute of clothing, he received guests from Japan in particular, many Japanese guests are said to him: "we are very envious of you, you can change the dress so fashionable and modern, and haven’t found the road. "But he always answered them:" Shanghai cheongsam is a sign of Shanghai fashion apparel, brought together the wisdom to help tailor, show the Shanghai City temperament, is the pride of the people of Shanghai. Tuition: Shanghai cheongsam is a steelyard Shanghai custom in recent years).相关的主题文章: