Japan and South Korea economic and trade ministerial meeting held in three countries agreed to accel midd-885

Japan and South Korea economic and trade ministerial meeting held in three countries agreed to accelerate FTA negotiations Xinhua News Agency yesterday, the eleventh trilateral meeting of trade ministers held in Tokyo. The meeting aimed at the seventh trilateral summit meeting to accumulate more achievements, and the implementation of the group of twenty (G20) summit economic achievements, to carry out the three pragmatic economic and trade cooperation in new areas and new initiatives, as well as regional and multilateral economic and trade issues to reach a consensus. The meeting was co chaired by Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng, Japan’s economics minister Yoko Hiroshige and South Korean Ministry of commerce industry executive Zhou Henghuan. Gao Hucheng said that the current world economic recovery is fragile, Japan and South Korea as East Asia’s three largest economy, has an important impact on the regional and global economic growth. The three party leaders should implement the consensus in the field of trade, give full play to complementary industry, enhance the level of trade and investment, through deepening cooperation to promote their own development, and for the East Asia and the Asian economic growth contribution. Yoko Hiroshige said, on the day of the meeting, Japan and South Korea to jointly promote the reform of the economic structure to reach a consensus, and probes into the ways of cooperation. At the same time, the three parties have also conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation outside the economy. The results of the meeting in Japan and South Korea not only economic, but also for the Asian economy and the world economy will have a great contribution. Zhou Henghuan said that the meeting will set up a trilateral cooperation framework, as well as the FTA and the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) to further accelerate the process of negotiations and other content to reach a consensus, and common among the FTA and RCEP reached a high level, modern, comprehensive and mutually beneficial goals etc.. Japan and South Korea accounted for 20% of the total economy of the world economy, if the three countries can promote cooperation for the development of the world economy and made a great contribution to recovery. After the meeting, the economic and trade minister issued a "Eleventh economic and trade ministers meeting in Japan and South Korea joint press statement". The statement said that they will continue to try to implement the G20 Hangzhou summit, stressed the importance of the "G20" and "Global trade growth strategy G20 global investment guiding principle", and the important role of G20 trade and Investment Working Group to further strengthen trade and investment cooperation G20. Based on the long-term development of China Economic and trade, develop the market jointly in the fourth and The Belt and Road "and" Eurasian initiative "to develop the third party cooperation under the framework of international production, promote the three sub regional cooperation development, deepening the pan the Yellow Sea economic and technical exchange meeting mechanism construction, support more pragmatic cooperation between the three local, get on Han, two party positive response. In addition, the three parties also adopted the "three supply chain to strengthen interoperability joint research report, and agreed to jointly promote the opening of the world economy, to further strengthen the multilateral trading system, promote global trade and investment and actively promote regional economic integration. (JINGWAH times)相关的主题文章: