Japanese media said that the old U.S. enterprises gradually withdraw from Japan, to China obvious ge cagliari exchange

Japanese media said the United States veteran enterprises gradually evacuated from Japan to Chinese posture clear picture: nearby McDonald’s   Reference News Network reported on February 24th Japanese media said the United States large car manufacturers Ford automobile company will withdraw from the Japanese market in years, fast food giant McDonald’s Japan Corporation also decided to sell the shares, the United States veteran enterprises from Japan retreat. In addition to Japan’s population decline and other operating environment deterioration, it is also affected by the decline in competitiveness and other individual circumstances. American companies pay more attention to China and other emerging market countries. According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on February 23rd, the Japanese car market is the most developed country in the closed, annual car sales of foreign brands accounted for a total of less than 6%." News of Ford’s withdrawal from the Japanese market, the U.S. media introduced Ford public relations leader ruthless comments. Reported that last year, Ford sold 4968 cars in Japan, accounting for only 1.5% of the imported cars. Ford’s rivals pointed out: "the lack of high quality goods from German manufacturers does not provide the value commensurate with the price."." On the other hand, Ford sales in the Chinese market in January this year to 130 thousand vehicles, an increase of 36%, good sales potential. Ford intends to focus on business resources and expand sales. Reported that McDonald’s affected commodities mixed with foreign body problems, McDonald s Holdings Co of Japan’s 2015 fiscal year net amounted to 34 billion 700 million yen (about 2 billion yuan), part of the stock sale of Japanese McDonald’s holdings so prepared, reduce business participation. McDonald’s global market four. China, South Korea and other countries are classified as "high growth markets", while Japan is in the non core position, and more and more began to let go of local management. Reported that the financial giant Citigroup believes in the old Citibank in Japan’s personal business is difficult to achieve increased profits, in November last year completed the sale to Sumitomo Mitsui bank procedures. (finished) 日媒称美国老牌企业逐渐撤离日本 转向中国姿态明显 资料图片:学校附近的麦当劳     参考消息网2月24日报道 日媒称,美国大型车商福特汽车公司将于年内退出日本市场,快餐巨头麦当劳的日本法人也决定出售股份等,美国老牌企业纷纷从日本撤退。除了日本人口减少等经营环境恶化外,还受到竞争力下降等个别情况的影响。美企重视中国等新兴市场国的姿态愈发明显。   据日本共同社2月23日报道,“日本汽车市场是发达国家中最封闭的,全年新车销量的海外品牌占比合计不满6%。”福特退出日本市场的消息一出,美国媒体介绍了福特公关负责人毫不留情的评论。   报道称,去年福特在日销量为4968辆,在进口车中占比仅1.5%。福特的对手就其退出日本市场一事指出:“缺乏德国厂商那样的高档感,无法提供与价格相称的价值。”   另一方面,福特在中国市场今年1月的销量为13万辆,同比增加36%,销势良好。福特有意集中经营资源扩大销量。   报道称,麦当劳受商品混入异物问题等影响,日本麦当劳控股公司的2015财年净亏额高达347亿日元(约合人民币20亿元),因此准备出售日本麦当劳控股的部分股票,降低经营参与度。   麦当劳把全球市场一分为四。中国、韩国等被归为“高增长市场”,而日本处于非核心地位,愈加开始放手交由当地经营。   报道称,金融巨头花旗集团认为旧花旗银行在日本从事的个人业务很难实现利润增加,已于去年11月完成了向三井住友银行出售的手续。(完)相关的主题文章: