Ke Zhendong said Jaycee Chan is still a good friend in the future to be ready to blame 3edyy

Ke Zhendong and Jaycee Chan said the future is still friends do to scold – Beijing fifty-third Golden Horse Awards the awards announced, Ke Zhendong’s name appears again in the public view, together with his nomination as best actor is the old play bone: Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung, Michael Hui and Wei Fan. To be nominated, Ke Zhendong is very happy and very excited, but also feel the opponent is too strong, do not hold too much hope for the prize: when you can sit down together with the four predecessors to chat, enough." If Ke Zhendong did not encounter the 2014 drug events, he should be now popular little meat predecessors, career burgeoned. But there is no if, after two years of time, sitting in front of the reporter Ke Zhendong of some of the more mature flavor: "it happened it must have its purpose is to warn me some things, some things to my education. If you lose something, you have to find a way to get something from somewhere else." He said, "that’s what happened. I won’t look back." 1 years of pain, a blank boring, a boring holiday after the drug incident, "time 4" did not appear in Ke Zhendong’s face close-up, his name did not appear in the list of stars. Another has finished the "record" catch demon direct replacement of the actor, commercial activity was removed overnight. "The scene was deleted I was accepted, that is, I feel sorry for Guo Jingming director, because it is likely to affect the film." Missed last year’s box office champion "remember" catch demon, that is for sure, but Ke Zhendong did not go with, according to his own words, it doesn’t help to him: "what has happened, then it is useless, I wouldn’t put it in my heart. Can only say that I am very clear about what this thing has been lost, and must not make mistakes." In addition to the stagnation of work, the once popular idol in the network also suffered all kinds of abuse. "I used to be angry because others wronged me, but this time we did not wronged me, so I am not angry. More is sad, because casually brush is scold me." This sad mood and the pressure that Ke Zhendong himself, when he’s not too much to pay attention to the external review, to divert attention to other things, has exactly one year later. This year is his blank period, no news, no activities, no news about him. "This year, fitness, watching movies, and then go to school, and the company to discuss future plans." This is an artist, like a busy schedule to put a long holiday, but apparently Ke Zhendong did not realize the enjoyment of the two words, pain, boring." He said: "this is a really boring holiday." 2 "goodbye tile City" in a year’s time, to act to change when Ke Zhendong met with director Zhao Deyin and his new film, "goodbye tile City", his "holiday" is over. Zhao Deyin is the most important criteria for the selection of the angle is "like", introduced by friends, met with Ke Zhendong after three or four times, he found that the ice with the film相关的主题文章: