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Alternative Odds are you are looking for pictures or images of pilonidal cyst because you developed a lump on your lower back and want to determine if it is a pilonidal cyst. However, since its size differs in every sufferer and some of them have undergone medical procedures attempting to get rid of their pilonidal cyst, pictures or images of this can be misleading. In fact, many people confuse cystic acne with a tailbone abscess and vice versa. There is an effective way to determine if you have a pilonidal cyst. Firstly, you should .prehend where a pilonidal cyst situates, exactly. A tailbone abscess develops approximately an inch and a half above the anus in the natal cleft, but rapidly spreads to part of buttocks and the lower back. (Because the buttocks are fleshy, sufferers only tend to notice theit tailbone abscess after it has spread to the lower back.) As you can see, the cyst en.passes such a huge area. Secondly, you must understand that skin reacts in certain ways to a tumor. Essentially, skin be.es red and swollen on the area and occasionally hurts or itches. In the same way as devices contain a warning system to indicate you when something is wrong in them, usually through a beep sound or flashing LED, so your body but its warning system is much more sophisticated than that from devices. Now that you have an idea of what to look at, you can check if you have a pilonidal cyst. For this, you will need a hand mirror. A digital camera may also serve. If you will use this, deactivate flash to prevent it from reflecting on your skin, since you will be taking a close shot. In a room with enough light (ideally a bathroom since they are typically small, so light concentrates there), bend forward for your buttocks to spread. Place the hand mirror behind you, or digital camera and take a picture that encloses your buttocks and lower back. Look at the lump on your lower back and see if there is a thick path of redness below it, on the natal cleft and its nearby part of the buttocks. If so, you have a pilonidal cyst and its real size is reflected by that redness. Many sufferers confuse it with the slight redness caused by sitting down for a prolonged time. It is not a good idea to ask somebody else to revise your tailbone area. Some persons tend to lie to keep you tranquil, which results counterproductive for you. Others do not care about their problems and far less about checking well on yours. Doctors may lie for financial concerns. There is no more trustable source than your own in this case. Having learnt the above, you will not be deceived by pictures or images of pilonidal cyst, so you can search for them online. There are also videos of persons having their tailbone abscess lanced and undergoing a pilonidal surgery, which I would never re.mend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: