Man refused to perform the payment of his ex-wife 800 thousand removal judgment transfer of 1 millio shuyue

The man refused to carry out the demolition decision to pay his ex-wife 800 thousand transfer 1 million 790 thousand – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Lin Jing) accused refuses to execute the judgment, withdrawal transfer deposit 1 million 790 thousand, refused to pay his ex-wife 800 thousand yuan relocation money, in the Haidian court for trial before the man sohn. The 45 year old man Sohn was born in Hebei, the household registration in Haidian District Sujiatuo town of Beijing City, primary school education, no occupation. More than and 10 years ago, he was found guilty of selling stolen goods was sentenced to 8 months; released a few years later, was found guilty of intentional assault jailed for 1 years. The prosecutor accused, between Zhao and his ex-wife Sohn for demolition compensation and resettlement housing ownership of property disputes, Ms. Zhao was sued to the court, Haidian Court on December 18, 2012, Sohn judgment shall become effective within 10 days after the payment of 800 thousand yuan Zhao demolition. But Sohn after the court ruling, the 28 month of the people’s livelihood bank account deposits all the transfer of $1790550, refused to pay his ex-wife 800 thousand. Prosecutor suggested that Sohn has the ability to enforce the court ruling and refused to perform, should be held criminally liable for refusing to execute the judgment. Sohn was due to intentional assault was sentenced to imprisonment, again, 5 years after the punishment is a recidivist, should be severely punished. The contents of the indictment and charges, sun and his defense expressed no objection. The prosecutor asked why the sun does not fulfill the court decision, Sohn was speechless. The judge asked whether he received a civil dispute with his ex-wife verdict, Sohn answer received, but also admitted that the court executive to find him. The judge asked why he had the money, do not comply with the judgment, Sun Mouxian vaguely said "I don’t know," said: "I call to the executive judge that I have about 300000, the judge said the amount is not enough, let me put together with me. Then I played baccarat gambling lost." Sohn said, in addition to his parents are hospitalized need money, he also took a trip out of the circle. But he does not recognize more than 1 million 790 thousand accounts, do not admit to take any money, "certificate signature is not my name, my mother is a sign, just like my handwriting." Although the sun said a confession, repentance, for leniency, the defender said he is refusing to execute, later no executive ability, I hope the court sentences, but prosecutors stressed 1 million 790 thousand Sohn his withdrawal, and no sentence, after appearing in court truthfully confessed to be severely punished. The case is not in court judgments. Wang Yifan photo相关的主题文章: