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October 1st Beijing motor vehicle for 9 consecutive days limit line – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Guo Chao) immediately to the eleven holiday, Beijing City Public Security Traffic Management Bureau issued a circular, from October 1st to October 9th, the vehicle is not limited to the line, other towns Beijing vehicles still need to apply for a license in beijing. The vehicle is not limited for 9 days this year, eleven golden week is October 1st to October 7th, October 9th, October 8th holiday, Saturday, Sunday, adjusted for working days, so, the tail number limit line measures to adjust the time for 9 days. In addition, other towns Beijing bus in the 9 days without tail number limit line management. At the same time, morning and evening peak can also be into within the Fifth Ring Road, the traffic control department suggested that although the vehicle limit line measures to adjust, but other towns Beijing vehicle still need to handle the Beijing card, at Beijing link road traffic management departments to strengthen the management during the holiday. According to the traffic situation in the recent years, the traffic control department judged, eleven after the end of the holiday, the part of the public and the weekend holiday, early peak traffic pressure, in October 8th 9, not significantly increased, October 10th (Monday), after the rapid rebound in traffic flow. The morning of September 30th around Tiananmen square in the forbidden line, the traffic management bureau also released eleven during the temporary traffic management measures. Between October 1st and 7, the Tiananmen square, a number of temporary control of the surrounding roads, Jingshan Hill, Fragrant Hills these two holiday tourists gathered in the region, some sections will be taken at regular intervals in a temporary control measures. In September 30th 10, held the "Memorial Day" to the people’s Heroes presented wreaths ceremony in Tiananmen square. 6:30 to the end of the event, the square surrounding the road to prohibit the use of motor vehicles and pedestrians. During the event, Tiananmen square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall of the people, the National Museum, the Tiananmen gate, gate tower, Zhengyang gate and surrounding commercial outlets to stop opening and business. To Zhongshan Park, people’s Cultural Palace tour visitors from Zhongshan Park, Simon, North East Gate, east gate, working people’s Cultural Palace northwest door entry. [] subway line No. 13 Lishuiqiao to Dongzhimen station outage in October 1st of 7 days to 7 days, the extension of the last 300 meters of road construction to promote the Beiyuan northbound, the eastern section of No. 13 subway line 7 station (Lishui bridge – Dongzhimen) in October 1st will be the first bus 7 days until the last bus stop, outage 7 days. The outage of the 7 subway stations including Dongzhimen station, Liu Fang stations, guangximen station, Shaoyaoju station, Wangjing station, Beiyuan station, Lishuiqiao station, Dongzhimen station, Shaoyaoju station, Wangjing west station, Lishuiqiao station 4 station stop transfer line 13, does not affect the normal stop the car off. [] September 30th evening peak transit bus extended hours of operation and the reporter learned from the public transport group, September 30th will extend the evening peak transit operation time, October 1st after the flag of tourists, will also have multiple bus selection. The start time for the October 1st ceremony in Tiananmen square at 6:10, possible that observe a standard peak passenger flow, 1 road, 52 road.相关的主题文章: