Palm Springs International Film Festival Keeps Only One Toe In The Indie Film

UnCategorized Any person who desires to be successful in life must face difficult decisions about their loyalties to past friends and business associates. Sometimes you have to change your general way of thinking, and this can cause a strain on those relationships. The Palm Springs International Film Festival has .e a long way in short time. During that period their loyalty to true independent filmmakers has faded due to their courtship with mainstream Hollywood. When the Palm Springs International Film Festival began back in nineteen eighty nine it was a great event for up and .ing indie filmmakers to showcase their independent films. In this case I am talking about movies that were made on a shoestring budget by passionate artists that had absolutely no connection to the Big Six film studios like Warner Bros., Universal or Columbia Pictures. This film festival in the low desert of California takes place each year at the beginning of January and lasts for a week and a half. On average about two hundred films are showcased from seventy different countries around the world. It has be.e one of the largest and most significant film festivals in the United States. The two thousand and twelve PSIFF had about one hundred and thirty thousand people in attendance. Foreign movies are the specialty of the Palm Springs International Film festival. Any foreign movie that is selected to be screened there is almost certain to be considered for the best foreign film category for the Oscars. Academy members show up in droves every year to see what independent filmmakers from other parts of the world have to offer. The PSIFF is very well organized. Darryl Macdonald is the festival director and he is a part of the reason this event goes so smoothly each year. Macdonald is a veteran of the festival organization world. He has been the director of the Seattle International Film Festival for many years. SIFF is one of the only film festivals in North America that is larger than the PSIFF. His experience is a valuable asset for any film festival event. PSIFF also has a wealth of sponsorship that includes the city of Palm Springs itself. The city has made all the best screening venues in town available to show the independent films for this festival. Some of the venues that are used to screen movies are the Regal Theater, the Camelot Theater and the Palm Canyon Auditorium. Most screenings take place without any technical or logistical problems, unlike many other independent film festivals. Back in nineteen eighty nine the mayor of Palm springs was Sonny Bono. He had the vision that the creation of the PSIFF would be a great way to bring positive publicity to his city. In the early eighties Palm Springs was a favorite destination for rowdy college students vacationing on spring break. Things seemed to get out of hand every year as the small town police force struggled to control the situation. There were even a couple of riots that made the National news headlines. Sonny Bono eventually banned spring breakers from congregating in Palm Springs. He then began a campaign of image repair for his town and the PSIFF was one of his ideas. The film festival was a good, positive event that would bring regular folks and cinema buffs to town to spend money and spread the word about how nice of a town was Palm Springs. Nowadays the Palm Springs International Film Festival seems to be mostly about catering to the mainstream Hollywood film industry. With its annual black tie ceremony attended by most of the power players of Hollywood this festival has be.e the staging point for the mainstream film industry people to start their awards season. Many consider it to be a showcase for Oscar consideration. It is no coincidence that the Oscar nominees are announced at the end of January, right after the Palm Springs International Film Festival ends. Even Alissa Simon, the Senior Programmer of this event states on their web site that a screening at the PSIFF is now considered to be an essential stop in Oscar season promotion. The Senior Programmer for the PSIFF does little to hide her joy that mainstream Hollywood people have taken over their film festival. She makes the claim that because of the timing of their event, the PSIFF is highly attractive to top talent across the industry. Top is the key word in that sentence, meaning the most famous and successful. She even states that their black tie event feels like a dress rehearsal for the Oscars with hundreds of stars in town. Not much mention of how important their film festival is to undiscovered independent filmmaker talent. The Palm Springs International Film Festival came from humble beginnings and has now grown to be.e one of the most significant events for mainstream Hollywood film industry people. While it is still considered to be a friend of independent filmmakers and independent films, the main emphasis of this event is on luring in big names from Hollywood. Sonny Bono would be very proud of his former town if he were alive today. True independent filmmakers working with miniscule budgets trying to get their indie films discovered, not so proud. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: