Qiandao Lake, make a return to the Republic of China, a Sohu over Lake Tourism running man 20130908

Qiandao Lake, make a return to the Republic of China, a Sohu over Lake tourism have you heard of the water in the Taihu Lake Town, once the CCTV broadcast create a great sensation. Under the ancient city of Qiandao Lake includes two city: Hecheng and singapore. In February 2011, China "National Geographic" magazine published photographs of a group of underwater city, detonated from all walks of life to the underwater millennium city’s enthusiasm. Fortunately, this time with a tourism website, and many tourist Master coffee together to participate in the city to explore, quest the underwater city! This is the city under the lake. In August 12th 5 pm, from all over the country tourism Master gathered in Hangzhou East Railway Station, open our wenyuange Singapore quest. It’s been 6 years since the last time I came to Hangzhou! That night at the platinum Rui Hotel, 5 star star, B absolute bursting! Push the door, through a dynasty. Qiandao Lake Wenyuan Singapore Ree Hotel is the Moderno Hotel like platinum inlaid in ancient private courtyard, thank the hotel staff specially arranged for my personal name according to shaw. Is this love across the ancient and modern detached five-star experience! In the antique indoor environment! After the morning meal, the restaurant can be in the side of the pool while appreciating the fish, while chatting; can also be out of the pool, and friends with a pool party. "". If the room is in single family courtyard and restaurant is across, so most incisive reflects the Chinese and Western! Is the swimming pool and the waters of Qiandao Lake, endless! Push the window, the sky is blue! Qiandao Lake water was restored to the original city, the shore is a kind of feeling. Only in their own environment can really feel. In 1959, in order to build the Xin’An River hydropower station, two city Hecheng, Singapore, and 27 townships, more than 1 thousand villages, 300 thousand acres of farmland, sank to the lake bottom, 290 thousand people were forced to move elsewhere. According to the time of the ancient city of villagers recalled, in the Xin’An river reservoir, Chunan has required all housing demolition and disinfection within the county, Hecheng basically destroyed, Singapore from the reservoir far, villagers did not expect water so quickly, no time to move. So, Singapore’s best preserved, we now see in the online photos are underwater city singapore. The first water Tanmo City, September 18, 2001. Qiu peak from the county names do find old maps, divers take equipment, take the 2 boats to spear head pointed waters. "Good luck, a touch of the wall, but also picked up a brick." This is a piece of the city wall, above clearly inscribed "in twenty-three years", "county magistrate Zhang Baochen" and other words. Here, every single family building to the ancient merchants at different industries in the name, such as silk people, visitors can experience here to keep相关的主题文章: