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Arts-and-Entertainment At the beginning of February 2010 I was at the Watercolours and Modern Works On Paper Fair, held at the Science Museum in London, UK. The Victorian watercolours routinely displayed by the particular fair are always of a very high standard. In this particular ensemble of galleries I was particularly taken by the colour hand finished lithographs of David Roberts RA. Roberts was able to fund his own tour of the Holy Land in the 19th century and produced a whole series of works that are breathtaking in their beauty and timeless in their appeal. These are pictures that one can look at over and over again without tiring. Here I found a London based gallery that sell works by David Roberts and gallery owner, Adrian Pett speaks passionately about the works he is displaying. "These works represent some of the key points in Roberts journey through the Holy Land and Egypt especially. They are distinctly of their time in the way they are depicted as remote with only a few camel drivers in the landscape. That said, the sites are painted with a soft beauty that really ensures their beauty jumps out at the viewer. I wonder if all the monuments David Robert’s depicted are still in such a tranquil state today!" After the art fair I was still thinking and occasionally talking about David Roberts’s work and eventually came across a large book about him with many colour plates in Chiswick, West London. Later in the year I was visiting Morocco and the Northern Sahara taking camels out into the beautifully spectacular Erg Chebbi dunes when I thought of the idea of retracing the steps of David Roberts. It would be a fantastic journey that would include St catherine’s Monastery in Sinai Desert as well the Pyramids and much more. Rather than just set off on my lonesome, I thought it may be good to bring an artist along and attempt to redraw the sites in my book. We could film this as six part series with each journey representing one episode. But which artist to choose? During a visit to Maggi Hambling studio two days before Christmas 2010, I asked Maggi if she would consider it. Darnley Fine Art is a gallery situated near Sloane Square selling artworks by?" I did see and she was right. But Maggi then followed up with, "I have a protoge, he might be very good for it. He could be in your films!" I thought about it and added, "We could start off with you giving him his assignment. You could then make appearances through out the series offering thoughts and feedback… a bit like Alan sugar!" Maggi chuckled and whispered, "Well… perhaps, I suppose I could." She then concluded by simultaneously raising one eyebrow after another. So now, we have the vague musings of a plan. There is work to be done and additional flesh to add to the bones. I have my book, an artist and all I need now is the budget. Watch this space says I! Copyright (c) 2011 Nick Breeze About the Author: 相关的主题文章: