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Home-Improvement Lack of maintenance, exposure to harsh weather conditions, strong winds and flying debris can cause damage to roofs. Pollutants, industrial or salt-laden atmosphere and deterioration due to roofing materials are among the many reasons why homeowners may need to resort to these repair. Designing deficiencies can also cause poor roof conditions. Elastomeric roof coatings significantly increase the life, preventing the need to resurface it. These coatings can be of various types and PVC coating is among the popularly used products in roofing related repairs. The innovative material has ease of application and prevents pollution, rust and water, while reducing costs for homeowners. Truco provides building owners, property managers, contractors, and architects with a full line of restorative roof coatings. The firm acts primarily as a material supplier, but also offers spec writing and inspection services in tandem with extended warranty coverage. Important Benefits Often one is faced with a barrage of products to choose from and each has its own merits. PVC coating has been in USA since the seventies and has grown since. It is ideal for low sloped roofs and is highly reliable as the reinforced PVC roofing membrane provides additional insulation, protection as well as the ability of sound reduction. The flexible material is very durable and is resistant to punctures and impacts. The dirt resistant and water proof PVC material is maintenance free and can provide almost 80% solar reflectivity. Another advantage of this type of coating for roofs is that it is suitable for use in old and new buildings. Among these coating materials that are in use today, PVC is becoming popular for its many benefits and can be easily compared to the other types of roof coatings that are available. The various benefits of PVC coating for roofs are: Energy efficiency: High solar reflectivity is offered with this type of coating which significantly reduces energy requirements for your home and proves cost effective. Maintenance free: It can be cleaned easily without too much effort or cleaning substances. Economical and long lasting. As good as its counterparts: The PVC coating is better than other type of roof coating material. Toughness: The material is glued together and the seams are heat welded together and results in a very durable surface. Extending the life of it is considerably less through applying PVC roof coating application rather than tearing off an existing one and replacing it. It has the ability to withstand rain, wind, heat, varying temperatures and contaminants as well as reducing costs through energy saving About the Author: 相关的主题文章: