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Business Is search engine optimization small business really necessary? For small businesses who target local audience and looking to .pete with retail giants the internet serves as a great platform. But a mere website for ornamental purpose does not serve any end. A websites main aim is to .pel visitors to do business with you. Of course, an aesthetically designed website is an important factor, but not the only contributor to conversion rates. Even before the client accesss your website, you need to ensure they are aware about you. This is where search engine optimization .es into place. Here are a few reasons why an SEO could help your business: – Of every 10 billion unique searches, more than 20 percent of queries have local intent, 5 per cent use name of city/state, 2 per cent use informal names of neighborhoods and 0.5 per cent use zip codes. Such is the influence of local searches that major search engines like Google (read Panda update) and Bing have tweaked their search parameters to give credence to local searches. Thus, it is customers who are looking for you and not the other way round. – Its .mon tendency for people to be.e defensive when they realize that that people are selling them their product. But when you write articles, blogs, or simply clear doubts about products in your niche, search engine automatically rank you high. – Small businesses do not possess the required resources that could help them promote their business in a large way. But with proper SEO strategies like keyword research, enlisting in local directories and blogging in local forums you can ensure that a wider and diverse crowd knows about you. In fact, there are studies that prove SEO to be 60 per cent more effective than conventional marketing strategies. Although it can be difficult (but not impossible) to rank your website high in search engine rankings, once youve got to that place, maintaining your position is relatively inexpensive. – Large .panies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi Co, and Wal-Mart have built a brand name through several years of hard work and after spending billions of dollars. But with SEO, you dont have to try that hard. But with help from a good digital marketing agency, you can build a reputation and get people to trust you. For instance, if you were to key in iPhone on your search engine, the first few sites would list pages from Apple, but after that websites selling iPhone would be listed. Even without spending half of what Apple has done, the iPhone retailer has managed to get his site listed! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: