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Shenyang construction Weidang height standard   dust remediation ineffective to shut down – Liaoning Channel – original title: (on the 1 edition, Shenyang construction site special rectification "fine" word at the head) measures of fine strict even enclosure height has provisions with dust remediation compared to the past, the remediation atmosphere more widely and more fine – the construction site shall be set up ad type continuous steel skeleton and closed Weidang closed management, to prevent the spread of dust. Among them, the enclosure height of not less than 3 meters, along the corridor is not less than 4 meters, shall not be defaced or damaged. Shenyang construction site must be set up in each working face of the environmental protection garbage bag area, equipped with environmentally friendly garbage bags. All construction waste, such as dust on the ground must be clean, bagging. The garbage bag after failing in 48 hours should be promptly removed, temporary dump in construction sites." City Project Construction Committee official said. In addition, Shenyang also requires the construction site entrances and exits must be equipped with vehicle cleaning equipment, the main site of the construction site, access to roads and materials processing area of the ground to be hardened to prevent soil stained with wheels. Do not stay blind things in advance after the full control of Shenyang attaches great importance to this dust remediation action, developed a detailed implementation plan. In front of the prevention and treatment of the matter after the disposal of the control, the whole process of control and management. In this deployment, Shenyang must do construction site dust control measures, the construction contract construction units and construction units, should be clear of dust pollution prevention responsibility, the construction units apply for construction permits, should be included in the construction site dust pollution prevention and control measures in the construction project to provide safety related information construction measures otherwise, will not allow construction. After the construction project started, Shenyang will strengthen the dynamic regulation. The construction site of the remote video monitoring system, at the construction site of the main entrance, the key parts of the main road, the material foundation pit muck yard, such as the installation of video surveillance probe, full range, 24 hour ambulatory monitoring of the construction site dust control. Most importantly, the city construction commission clear dust pollution prevention costs shall be included in the engineering construction site safety measures for earmarking, construction dust control objectives should be included in the bid conditions, the construction unit costs in full and timely disbursement of civilized construction and dust pollution, construction enterprises to improve the prevention and control measures and implement the establishment of dust remediation "construction units according to the investment, construction units, supervision departments and supervision into full into" good mechanism. The real thing special rectification strict as the first construction site for the special rectification, Shenyang will implement the goal management, establishing multi-level supervision and performance appraisal system, intensify supervision and inspection efforts, smooth masses, society and public opinion supervision channels, establish accountability system to create work. Work to promote ineffective, slow progress, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant personnel accountability. It is understood that the special rectification, the Municipal Construction Committee for the district and county (city) construction administrative departments responsible for construction site, demolition site dust pollution prevention and control measures for the implementation of the supervision and inspection of law enforcement work in this area. Currently, the Municipal Construction Committee has signed a responsibility with these departments, such as the problem will be accountable. ")相关的主题文章: