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Not the end of the arts institutions teacher answer answer OTC real-time transmission of 5 people jailed – Sohu news examination also, questions and answers is "sharing" to the WeChat circle of friends. Recently, the Shaanxi city of Xi’an province Changan District procuratorate prosecution, the national art circles rocked the illegal question and answer case verdicts: the court to provide illegal questions, answers were sentenced defendant hair and cable, Xiao Zhenya imprisonment letter for ten months and nine months, respectively, and 15 thousand yuan to 10 thousand yuan fine; to provide answers to illegally sentenced the defendant Mu sword, Wang Dong sentenced to nine months and fined 10 thousand yuan each; to provide the crime of illegal examination candidates Yang, a single white fined 10 thousand yuan. Mislead students, implied by a high score Mao Yiqing releases the topic was originally a Xi’an private art education teacher training institutions, responsible for admissions consulting and student management. The agency in Xianyang, Yanan of Shaanxi province also has a branch, and always in the annual national examination written examination obtain better result, so in Shaanxi art circles quite famous, attracting a lot of candidates. In January 9th this year at 7:20 in the morning, a bus carrying 30 of the agency’s examination to participate in the 2016 national art class written broadcast director. Before the exam, the teacher led the hair as a clear and did not comply with the examination discipline and attention to students the importance, but seemingly innocent heart is an example: last year, students will have a mobile phone into the examination room, took photos to the teacher questions off the question, the teacher put the answer to the student, the the students have done well in the exam. Mao Yiqing’s words are deeply printed in the candidates Yang, white heart. 9 am, admission candidates, Yang, a white secretly brought into the examination room. At the same time, a hair and was rushed to the agency and a part-time teacher Xiao letter training institutions teacher Sohunya, in a cafe when not far from the examination of the test. At 9:20, 10 minutes before the exam, a fine hair from Yang Moufa to WeChat "examination signal, check information". About half an hour later, Mao Yiqing, Sohunya, Xiao letter WeChat received the photos from the examination questions. 3 people will receive a summary of the information and found that the test questions have been able to piece together a complete paper. The use of WeChat, set up a "cheating Mania" answers in the interests of the driver, the original mission in the classroom teaching teachers, special candidates actually turned into a group outside the examination room "". Mao Yiqing not only to check your information answer, also coordinate the letter, Xiao Zhen Ya cable separately answer, encountered a little difficult, but also to discuss with each other. In order to check the information and answer a good line of sight, mobile phone signal is stronger, 3 people to the "cheating Mania" by the small cramped Cafe moved to a commercial building a bright and spacious leisure hall. Soon, the answer came to an end, and a letter to Xiao Mao point to transmits the answers to questions sent to Yang and the white one, Mao Yiqing also put the letter Xiao, Sohunya et al. She pulled into a temporary WeChat group, in order to communicate with each other, sharing the results. Next, the hair will continue to test questions and answers to their organization’s QQ group. The Xianyang branch of the teacher mu sword.相关的主题文章: