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Small Business Since generations, we have been told that its only through formal studies that wed be able to make it big in life. But, if we look back at the last couple of decades, wed find that the formal education system in India hasnt been able to prepare the youth for the job market. There is so much more beyond formal education! The biggest challenge that formal education sector is facing today is that of its lack of emphasis on developing job oriented skills in the students. So when a student passes out of his/her school or college, he/she is just not job-ready. Over the years, this gap has only widened and today, many of the industries are struggling as they are not getting enough supply of skilled manpower. However, the good thing is we-as-a-country have woken up to the need for skilled workforce, and the huge role it would play in the .ing years in the formation of a new India. Indias Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has himself noted that soon India (as well as the rest of the world) would need a tremendous and continuous supply of skilled workforce which can take up different job roles across industries that will drive the economic growth of our nation. So, whats being done in India for the growth of vocational/skill training? Government of India has launched a series of initiatives to boost awareness about vocational training and education across the country. More importantly, it has built entities like NSDC. NSDC stands for National Skill Development Corporation, set-up as a public private partnership that aims to skill, up-skill and re-skill Indian youth in different trades including retail, automobile, construction, insurance etc. Since its formation by the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, in 2009 under section 25 of the .panies Act, it has actively roped in numerous skill building .panies to reach out to youth in urban as well as rural areas and train them for employment across industries. Till date, programs run by NSDC partners have benefitted more than 5 million people in 400 plus districts across India. When Make in India would happen Indias Prime Minster is actively reaching out to global business .munities and urging them to .e to India and build their products here. His initiatives have been termed as Make in India campaign. Now imagine, if these .panies actually turn up here. Were already short of skilled manpower in retail, automobile, insurance, jewellery, textiles, and many other sectors; and if these .panies also begin to manufacture from India, the demand would be difficult to match up. What can we do to make India of our dreams? We have to understand that if we are to build an India of our dreams, we have to change our very perception towards skill training and those who take up careers in vocational trades. We need to tell our kids and/or friends that there is so much more beyond formal education and white collar jobs, and that they can also build greet careers through vocational training . Also industry needs to step-up and recognize skilled workforce through a wage differential. Industry also needs to encourage its existing and future workforce to undergo skill training and constantly upgrade their skills through up-skilling or re-skilling. Under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), NSDC is playing an important role in shaping up the skill development ecosystem in the country, through its 200+ training partners and 37 sector skill councils operating covering 28 sectors in 400 plus districts across India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: