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The Ministry of Education issued a study warning of ITT Technical Institute and riffelsee Valley Preparatory High School Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 29th news (trainee reporter You Qing) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, the Ministry of Education recently issued two international warning, involving two schools are the ITT Technical Institute and the San Francisco Bay Area high school this is the year, the Ministry of Education issued the second and third international warning information. The Ministry of education and foreign regulatory information network news release, the Ministry of education in August 25th announced a ban on ITT Technical Institute to recruit new students, the main reason is that the school economic distress, mainly rely on income for federal loans, school management, cannot achieve the certification standard. But another school is the San Francisco Bay area riffelsee Valley charter preparatory high school, according to the Consulate General in San Francisco Chinese news release, the school China students suspected of fraud, has been the United States a number of departments of investigation. The current high school by a local education company "three learning company" escrow. According to the survey, this high school there are irregularities in the process of running, suspected of the excess charge fees for international students, deliberately concealing the number of international students, international students will be out of school early, and even threats, intimidation, abuse and other problems Chinese students. Recently, a number of departments in the United States has launched an investigation into the school, the Western Association of colleges and universities have been the state of the school from the certified status adjusted to retain state". If the school can not meet the relevant requirements, will be canceled qualification. The Ministry of education reminded, in order to avoid unnecessary losses suffered in the study of foreign students, students and students to study intermediary service agencies should pay attention to the above information, so as not to affect their own rights and interests.相关的主题文章: