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The oracle "sword" boss rich willfulness you up a level I send one yuan and are not many sister Xiao Nai seckill? Ten li dowry two Acacia, attached to the virtual scenery unforgettable, Xiaobian licking screen to see several times, to the God of the small eyes lost. Ah Britain, blood does not come up empty slots. You also want a pink bubble chaos take a happy marriage? September 9th opened on file 9377 "Test Oracle sword" boss rich and capricious, open test more than one hundred million awards, enter the game level to send one yuan, not five or three years, entered the game with money to upgrade Meimei, completely is not a dream! Pre created today to open the first, hurry to participate in it! "The sword" website: Open Service Carnival send 100 million: I will go back to war, called! 9377 "the Oracle sword" September 9th shock struck, precreate started today, super hit thousand million National War battlefield ready, please look forward to! 9377 oracle "sword" is a massively multiplayer online fighting game, then aesthetic style of thousands of years of Chinese rivers. The game PK pile, no lock battle system, floating, even the stunning blow, four occupation characteristic, 7+X skills P concise strong attack, national war burn new strategies to reproduce the three brain system into the melee, Oracle sword to ignite your enthusiasm of war! 9377 "Oracle sword" website: 9377 web games:相关的主题文章: