The sudden failure of the Zhangzhou jade Gulf engine three fishermen stranded at sea magicq

The sudden failure of the Zhangzhou jade Gulf engine three fishermen stranded at sea Herald News (reporter correspondent Su Haohui Xiao Zhenping Ventura) engine suddenly failed, 3 people were trapped laver farming on the boat, while fishing boat ran aground and capsized in danger at any time. In October 30th 12, the six Emerald Bay off the coast of Zhangpu Ao town. After the alarm, the Zhangpu public security border brigade six Ao border police station immediately launched the maritime emergency rescue plan, organization officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, and contact the local steel vessels from the sea the nearest port sea rescue. Half an hour later, the rescue ship arrived at the sea, the stormy sea, rescue boats near continuous several times were trapped open fishing boats. After many times close to each other, the director of Yican ships on what seize the moment, with a rope jumping ship stranded, stranded steel tie the boat to a rescue boat, and assist the maintenance of the master out ship engine fault. Subsequently, trapped fishing boats were towed to the nearest pier, 3 fishermen were rescued. It is reported that 10 am the same day, the incident carrying boats carrying the fishermen from the shore to the laver breeding area of the sea, at about 12 engine failure occurred in 3. 3 people did not carry any communication tools to the sea, the incident is not the sea lanes, and away from the shore, there is no passing vessels, trapped in the 3 people can only take turns in the bow with clothes, trying to send a distress signal. Fortunately, the location of the incident is the Emerald Bay scenic spot, there are a few tourists at the beach. One of the tourists in the telescope to watch the waves found them, and timely alarm, 3 people were rescued.相关的主题文章: