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UnCategorized One way to try and earn extra money is to enter contests. Just like the lottery, you have to play to get paid. In order to promote their products, .panies sponsor online contests. Survey .panies also organize sweepstakes as an incentive for consumers to provide their opinions about products and services. For example, readers can answer a short survey at WinningSurveys to enter their $50,000 Sweepstakes. You can improve your chances of winning an online sweepstakes or contest by following a few tips. 1) Do Not Delete Your Email So Fast Almost every online sweepstakes or contest requires the winner to respond to an email or certified letter in order to win. In your rush to delete spam, you could be deleting your email notification. Also, take time to pick up that certified mail from the post office. 2) Provide Accurate Contact Information Sweepstakes organizers such as WinningSurveys report that several of their winner notifications are forfeited due to an incorrect mailing address or email address. Be careful about making typing errors. 3) Enter Often Most sweepstakes allow you to enter once per day. Doing so greatly increases your chances of winning. In the case of WinningSurveys, the rules for their $50,000 Sweepstakes allow for up to 10 entries per day per email address. 4) Check Your Email Filters Your email filters may be keeping out sweepstakes notifications or announcements by blocking email with keywords such as "Win" or "You’ve Won" or similar phrases. Adjust your filters and rules accordingly. Keep an eye on your junk mail folder too. To ensure delivery, add the sweepstakes email address to your email address book. 5) Enter For Yourself Do not enter your spouse, your kids and your dog. Most sweepstakes prohibit entering on behalf of others. A good rule of thumb is to enter just the allowed number of times with one person’s information from one single .puter. 6) Get An Email Address Specifically For Contests This is another safeguard against accidentally deleting important emails or announcements from the various sweepstakes you enter. This also consolidates all email related to contests into one inbox so it’s easy to find and isn’t mixed up with personal email you receive from family and friends. 7) Type Mail Entries If you want to enter a sweepstakes by postcard instead of online, this is okay. But you would be surprised how many postcards people send that are illegible or don’t provide contact information such as address or telephone number. Improve your chances of winning and of being notified of winning by typing your postcard (or write very neatly) and providing .plete contact information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: